Tuesday, February 05, 2008


we went off a-caucusing tonight. h o l e y c o w

it was just a little crazy. i can't believe we got in and out of there in an hour, but then again considering all we did was go in and vote and come back out, it took forever. evie DID NOT like the crowd, granted it was state fair crowded. heck, it was wall to wall people crowded. (i would have pictures but i don't have an iphone, yet...) thank goodness for our hotsling, we had actually considered bringing the stroller and thank goodness we didn't. between the stairs and stairs and more stairs, and the crushing crowd, it would not have been possible. we finally found the classroom with our precinct, got registered and then finally voted, all while evie made a friend, a cutie named kai who was only a month older than her, but about a full 15 pounds bigger. his mom said he's always been huge, and of course evie's always been tiny so... :) (once again, no pic as i don't have my dream iphone...) they were cute but we had to get out of there. evie was about 4 seconds from a meltdown (though at the moment she was having fun), and mommy and daddy were tired.

on the way home we heard on MPR that it was turning into a mess across MN. people abandoning their cars as there was no where left to park and they wanted their votes to count! craziness!

any other voters out there? i was bummed we didn't get 'i voted' stickers, but oh well, i was also happy just to get the heck out!

there is a small amount of knitting going on around here. pics soon!