Monday, October 03, 2005


I met the Harlot. In Chicago. She took a picture of me, with THE SOCK!

This is us.

me and the harlot!

Stephanie is HILARIOUS. Seriously freaking hilarious, my cheeks were killing me when I left, couldn't have laughed anymore. And in fact I laughed so hard I cried. She is also incredibly nice and kind.

I have so many many many other things to say about my time in Chicago. I got there around 2:15, Stephanie to appear at 4:00, I didn't want to be late. I ended up being #5 in line, which I was fine with. I met many kind knitters, one who let me sit at the table with them and even traded free patterns with me as she got a sock pattern and I got a scarf pattern. (if you bought something you had a pattern in your bag, thanks Arcadia Knitting!) Thanks for trading Susan! I had a great time sitting and knitting with you and Jean! Oh, and yes I bought something. Just some sock yarn, some Cherry Tree Hill gorgeousness, two of them.

Unfortunately, I don't have more time to write. We found as we left the Chicago area the next morning that my grandma is not doing well and was in critical condition in the hosptal back home in MN. One of my aunts from the Chicago area met us while we were gassing up in Dekalb and we raced on to the hospital back home. My grandma is on a respirator, but as of this morning is doing ok. They are going to move her to a big hospital here in the cities as they want to do dialysis on her. She is retaining too much fluid and they think her kidneys need some help. I will definetly update as I can. I'm not at work today, heading to the hospital once she is transferred. If you get a chance, kind thoughts or prayers for a fellow knitter and her family are appreciated. Thanks!


roggey said...

It was so cool to meet up with you at Arcadia, and glad you could use the sock pattern (and swap me the scarf pattern)! Awesome to get the picture, too!

I hope your grandmother recovers quickly, I'll keep you in my thoughts....

Ruth said...

I went to Arcadia when home on a visit this summer ... even without the Harlot in residence it's a great place.

I hope your grandmother is feeling much better soon. It's so worrying to have family ill ...

traveling knitter said...

Hope your grandma is better now. I AM jealous of you meeting the Harlot!!