Thursday, April 13, 2006


i promised knitting content and here it is!

this is little audrey in philly's new bunny!

bunny for our new friend in philly!

see, i made something!

oh, and ron's socks are DONE! well, other than sewing in the ends, which is why there is no picture yet. they are not officially done until ends are woven in... pictures soon!

and my sockapaloooza socks are coming along. i'm not saying anything else for fear that it will jinx me and they will blow up in my face. therefore, to appease the knitting goddesses and gods i am saying nothing else. :)

oh, and brenda dayne's cast on was awesome. i love brenda!

OH! AND!!! i was mentioned in a podcast! kerry and dan's babytime podcast! the april 4th episode. gah! :) how cool! that was a fun ride on the bus, suddenly the people on my ipod are talking about ME! crazy talk.

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renee said...

CUTE bun!!