Friday, October 20, 2006

harlot baby!!!

I am S O S L O W. wow. Sorry guys. I’ll do my best not to go this long again…

I met the harlot! Happy early 30 th birthday to me!

I convinced my muggle hubby ron to come out with me to eau Claire. Evie stayed home with nana and our stash of yummy milk. Though we expected to be away for some time, I brought along my trusty PISA and battery pack to get me happily through the night away from evie (medela pump in style advanced for those not ‘in the know’ of baby related acronyms (industrial double breast pump for those who don’t even know what a medela pump in style advanced is…)). I pumped on the way out so I would have the maximum time for ‘harlot’ time without being interrupted with the need to pump.

I wore my weeping willow shawl. While it’s like wearing the t-shirt of the band that you are seeing in concert, I don’t get nearly enough opportunities to wear my handknits/shawls and I’ll take any opportunity I get to do so. So that was me, I was ‘that’ girl.

As always her talk beforehand was engaging and amusing. It’s always weird to see/hear someone speaking and telling stories that you already know, yet can’t wait to hear again (and in person this time instead of being read on a blog). Seeing all the knitters in eau claire’s Masonic temple was impressive. I think a good 2/3rds were Minnesota knitters. GO MINNESOTA!

I’m sure if you are interested in the goings on at the talk that you have read it elsewhere as it happened over a month ago now… I was visited by the adorable ms. Grace (the little adorable one who decided to ‘help’ the harlot take pics), we played with her water snake toy thing. I’d die for those curls, she doesn’t know how lucky she is!

We went over to yellow dog knitting afterwards. Preference was given to those with kids so they could get home and get them to bed. I wondered if it meant anything that I had a 3 month old at home with nana waiting to be fed AND that I was just about hitting my next pumping time. Didn’t matter though, ron and I got out of the Masonic temple relatively fast (we didn’t mow anyone down on the way out, we just did our best to get out sooner rather than later) and followed the people leading the way to yellow dog knitting. I was one of the first in line, we patiently waited while Stephanie took a minute to compose herself (poor lady at the end of her tour and she doesn’t even know where she is!). Poor Stephanie came out and though you could tell she was tired, she was kind and took a moment with everyone. She’s a trooper!

Once it was my turn I said hello, mentioned that I drove all the way to Chicago last year but I liked this drive a lot more! Stephanie felt that two visits out of state warranted a pic with the sock. I’m holding the new sock!

Documented by my wonderful muggle hubby. Who would like me to mention that he didn’t purposefully stay out of pics, he was busy taking pictures of everything. He had a gift for the Harlot, BSG season 2.5 burned onto dvd. He he he…

Then we were out. I quickly perused the shop, but didn’t find anything I NEEDED so I left empty handed. (not a bad shop though!)

We went over to the Acoustic Café across the street for dinner. We love acoustic, there is one in menomonie where ron and I went to college and we usually stop there on our way to visit ron’s parents in WI. On our way over to the acoustic we ran into jess. She seemed to think that I looked familiar but couldn’t tell why. She asked if I had a little one and I said yes but I haven’t gone much of anywhere with her so I don’t now why she would know that. She asked what my blog was and I said, DUH! Evie central! Hello me, the internet is public, remember? :) her little ones are ADORABLE! i was so jealous that i didn't bring evie.

Then off we went home. Good time had by all.


hi, i'm cori, i drove all the way to chicago to see you last year at this time. this year we only had to come to eau claire. (steph is thinking... uh huh, crazy knitter...)

harloty goodness

being blogged

being blogged. see the pic here!

cori and stephanie


beth said...

You got to hold the sock! I'm so jealous:)

cori said...

not only did i get to hold it, but i held the one last tour too!!! :P

aija said...

Holding the sock must pass on some serious knitting mojo :) I had a great time when I saw her in CA (near my hometown though!)