Sunday, October 22, 2006

most beautiful bag ever!

run, don't walk right (does that translate to the internet world?) to green mountain knitting bags and buy yourself the best and most beautiful knitting bag that you will ever own (unless you become an addict and then you'll have a few!).

i ordered a custom snow pond bag. martha was great and worked with me throughout the process. and finally, finally it was delivered thursday!!!

there is nothing i can say about this bag that will do it justice. it is utterly beautiful. it is amazingly constructed, the utmost highest quality that i could imagine. this is what i wrote to martha when i received it...

I received my custom Snowpond bag today. While I don't want to repeat what you have heard already, I can't help myself! WOW. I was hoping that it would be half as nice as the bags on your site appear online. I have an eye for quality and am frequently disappointed by my purchases as they are never as high quality as I am expecting. I am happy to say that my bag did not live up to the quality that I was expecting. In fact it has FAR exceeded it! My bag is utterly beautiful. I had no idea that the fabric would be such high quality, have such a great range of textures, that the craftsmanship would be beyond perfect, and on and on. I love everything about it, it is truly an heirloom that I can't wait to pass on (once they pry it out of my hands anyway!). And I am so happy that my bag made the cut and has the new brand on it!

I'm sure my next purchase from you is coming soon, you have enabled another addict. :)

Thank you so much, my bag is beautiful and I love it. You have been blessed with an amazing talent!

amazingly beautiful fabric

you can use the shoulder straps...
my custom snowpond bag

or the handles!
i LOVE it!

martha's new brand!
it's branded even!

all of my stuff in it!
all my stuff inside of it

interior shot - gorgeous high quality lining and pockets!
shot of the amazing lining and beautifully constructed pockets

lined pockets in a complimentary fabric - love it!
pockets - lined in complimentary color

seriously people, if you have been contemplating getting one of martha's bags, you will NOT be disappointed! and if you have never heard of her bags, well go check them out and don't blame me when you end up with 7 of them as you can't stop buying them!

thanks again martha!!!


Liz said...

LOVE this! Thanks for linking to the web site. :)

Guinifer said...

Pardon me if I steal a line from Paris Hilton - but that's hott!

kristi said...

it is very beautiful in person too! :) if/wenn i start knitting, i will get one too!

aija said...

Beautiful bag!

Janice said...

Beautiful bag! Warning, tho, they are like potato chips... you can't have just one!! I have two and still find myself wandering back to Martha's site from time to time (ok, like EVERY thursday night when she posts the new ones!!)

Short-Attention-Span-Knitter said...

I have always wanted to see what is inside of Martha's fabulous bags. Yours looks scrumptious.