Monday, January 29, 2007

long time no blog...

How embarrassing… I meant to post some time ago. I wanted to do a 2006 year in review of my knitting… and now it’s almost February! GAH!

I do have a good excuse though! I have a new job! YEA! My stress level has dramatically dropped, despite moving into a completely new and foreign field. It’s awesome! My new job is a lot of fun. I’m selling Audis! That’s right, selling cars. (Had you told me a year ago that I’d be selling cars I probably wouldn’t have believed you) So any of you twin cities knitters looking to help a girl out, come on over and buy a car from me. We have new, used and certified pre-owned Audis, and a multitude of other brand used cars. Send me an e-mail if you are looking for something new to drive! (hey I’m in sales now, I need to pimp myself everywhere I can!)

Anyway, enough work babble, I’m happy and that’s good. While I am bummed because I lost my ‘knitting on the bus’ time, but my commute has dramatically dropped time wise so I’m getting over it. (no more 3 hour plus commute days!) I have started knitting while pumping at work, so I’m making up for that time I don’t have on the bus (I didn’t knit while pumping at my last job, I can’t tell you why though, it just didn’t work). And yes, I’m still pumping/nursing. It’s going well, though I think I’m starting my 3rd battle against thrush. Ugh… thrush SUCKS. When they say it feels like you have ground up glass in your breast while nursing, they are lieing. It’s worse. Much much worse. This bout is just starting, so I’m taking probiotics like crazy and got some grapefruit seed extract today. See if we can catch this one before it gets worse and I need massive doses of diflucan…

Isn’t this a knitting blog? :) let’s chat yarn!

So… I finished evie’s pinwheel blanket back in december. It’s gorgeous. She likes it and I’m trying to make it her ‘blankey’ but it’s not quite there yet.

i'm hiding!

having fun with the blankey

new blanket in use on christmas eve with nana

I also finished my shadow shawl. I finished it some time ago but didn’t get a chance to block it until just before Christmas. And I still don’t have pictures of it… maybe now that I blogged that I’ll take some pictures of it being modeled. I do have some pics of it blocking but I guess I haven’t uploaded them to flickr yet… oops.

What else. Oh! I made evie a cute hat from itty bitty hats! See! It’s rowan cashsoft and rowan cashsoft DK. Yes, I used two different weights. I didn’t even realize they were different until I was almost done with the hat. Oh well, it worked fine.

sleeping evie on the way to WI

evie and daddy (and her new hat!)

I bought yarn in WI while we were visiting ILs for Christmas (which was actually over new years) at the little yarn shop in ron’s hometown. I caved at 6 skeins of cotton ease in pink. I don’t even know what I’m going to make out of it but I have a bunch of other colors and I just couldn’t NOT buy it. I also got some more yarn to make evie another hat. 3 balls, red, blue and purple cotton textured yarn. I gave up on it though, the yarn SUCKED. I was no more than 2 yards into the first ball when I hit a knot. Annoying. Ripped it and started over after the knot. SAME THING THREE YARDS LATER! Grrr.. started AGAIN. Looking into the balls I found even more knots! WTF? I’ll find the ball bands and tell you what yarn it was, I hadn’t heard of it before but liked it in the store. Never again will I buy that brand!

I have also finally started evie’s robin hood sweater! I have no idea if I’ve even mentioned this sweater yet but it’s so cute! I saw it on Jess’ little ones at the harlot talk/signing in Eau Claire. SO CUTE! When I was looking through adorable knits for tots and saw that pattern I bought the book on the spot. I’m using a different yarn than specified in the pattern, I’m using lana grosse bingo in an utterly gorgeous blue color (I figure that if I’m putting this much time into a sweater that evie’s little brother/sister/cousin one day can wear it too and this was the color that worked best. Girls can wear blue, boys can’t wear pink). LOVE THIS YARN. Though it’s splitty, I still like it a lot. I’d love to make myself something out of it but it would cost a billion dollars! Pics soon to come, I’m already done with the back and halfway through the left front. I love this knitting for little ones thing, though I’ve never made an adult sided sweater I can’t imagine… but it’s nice getting the pieces done in a reasonable amount of time!

I also started some socks, yum… more about those some other time. oh, and my pomatomus socks are too big! Now that I’m not pregnant and my feet aren’t the size of thanksgiving turkeys the socks fit a little differently. I haven’t had the heart or the time to rip the toes out and make them smaller yet. Blah. One more thing on my very long knitting list!

I got the coolest thing the other day. I had some $ in my paypal account refunded from something stupid that I bought and I kinda forgot about it until I saw bonnie marie’s ribby pulli pattern. I NEEDED to buy that pattern and realized that I had some $ just waiting to be spent! Yea! So I bought some things at scouts swag. The ribby pulli pattern of course, a few soak samples to try, and a turquoise goknit pouch! I LOVE this bag! It is how I take my knitting to work with me. I just attach it to my pump backpack and off I go! LOVE IT! I hear that it comes in a bigger size too, I think I need one. HIGHLY recommended. I know you look at it and think, $18? Dude, my ziplock works just fine cori, you are crazy. Yes, it does work just fine but this ROCKS! It has an interior loop with a snap that you use as a yarn guide, a ‘handle’ with a snap that you can attach to anything, slip it on your wrist, snap it to your purse, etc. it’s so cool! The size I got is perfect for kid sized pieces of sweater, instructions, needles, small scissors and even my little lamb tape measure! See for yourself… (pics to be inserted shortly!)

More later, and I promise I’ll post more often! And if I don’t, well oh well. You guys understand. :)

Oh, and as if this post couldn’t be any longer, here’s a pic or two of evie from Christmas time. We have more recent ones but… they aren’t on flickr yet!

silly girl

smiling at aunty rose


Amy said...

I don't think that baby could possibly be any cuter!

Inky said...

love that smile!!

congrats on the new job - less stress is worth it, and so are you!

Kelly said...

What a sweetheart? The hat looks so cute.

Jess said...

Congratulations on the new job! I'm glad you're having fun - that's a big thing towards job satisfaction.

I'm sorry you're getting thrush. I've been lucky enough to have never gotten it. I've heard a lot of good things about gentian violet for treating thrush. It's messy, but it works quickly and works well. You can get it at the drugstore, it's OTC but you'll probably have to ask the pharmacist for it.

I'm glad to see you're starting the Robin Hood Jacket! Isn't it fun to knit? Arlo's outgrown his (boohoo), so I'm contemplating knitting him another one. Hmm, I *do* need some other stuff from KnitPicks...

I hope to see you posting more regularly!

Angela said...

Evie is such a cutie!! I love that pinwheel blanket.

Good luck with your new job! Career changes are always exciting!

Guinifer said...

Cutie patootie!
That hat is sweet.
Congrats on the job.