Thursday, March 29, 2007

um, er, what?

so back when i heard that the harlot was coming, i finagled and managed to switch my days off so i could go. i've been keeping tabs on the harlot's website here and there, saw that it was going to be at the wiliam mitchell college of law and laughed because i've been telling ron for weeks that there's no way more than 20 people can fit into the yarnery. thought i'd get some further info so i just went to the yarnery's website (which i did check back when and it had no info). it says to call to reserve a space. huh? er, what? so i called immediately. auditorium holds 400 (steph's website says 450 by the way...). i'm #425. i'm on a waiting list. i'm bummed. i drove to chicago, and then left my baby to drive to eau claire to see the harlot. i have been hoping that the harlot would come here, and now she is and i can't see her? and it's looking like i can't even get my book signed because they are handing out time slips at the talk so what, i'm waiting around until the end with my 9 month old to get my book signed? meh.

we're crashing the party.


Amy said...

Well, if you'd like, Chris from and I are meeting at Pad Thai Grand Cafe on Grand Ave for dinner that day at 4:30 before going to see Harlot...feel free to join us!

Jess said...

I reserved two spots but the person I was going to go with was unable to find childcare. If you tell me your last name I can email them and tell them you're taking my second spot. jess at mikk dot net

I'm away from home until late Sunday, so if you don't hear from me until Monday, that's why.