Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Evie and mommy’s adventure day! (also known as the day from hell)

Yesterday was my day off, and Evie and I were off to the yarn store! We had tried to go to Needlework Unlimited on Sunday, but when we got there they were closed due to power outage. :( I was SO bummed, I don’t really get to go yarn shopping, plus DH would be there to help pick colors and to play with Evie... So yesterday was our do-over. I called first to make sure they were open, that they were. Then Evie finally went down for her nap… And slept and slept… Why do they sleep super long when you DON’T want them to, and when you DO want them to they don’t?!? ugh. We finally left around 1:00 once she woke up from her long nap. The plan was to shoot down to south Minneapolis, get some food and then get some yarn. Well… it didn’t work out so well.

We tried the detour of 280, which worked well… until we hit 94. 94 was stop and go. At 1:30 in the afternoon. Lovely. Evie was NOT happy. Once we passed Cedar Ave, we were flying, but the damage was already done and telling a 14 month old ‘we will be there in 5 minutes honey!’ doesn’t do anything. Finally I put some cheerios in my hand and tried to give them to her. This quieted her down as long as it was continuous cheerios… which is convenient as she is rear facing in the middle of the car in a giant britax marathon. No problem, I can fold my arm backwards if it stops the crying. We finally got to noodles by lake Calhoun. Evie’s little face was tear stained. Enter moment of feeling like mommy of the year #1. of course AT noodles she was totally happy. Flirting with everyone and ignoring me. And eating tons of chicken and mac & cheese.

Back into the car and off to needlework! Plopped evie into her hotsling and in we went. That lasted… about 3 minutes before she was arching her back trying to get out. So I let her out. She was only happy if she was running around the store screaming (in a happy way). If I tried to hold her, crying and screaming (the bad kind) and tears. So my child ran around the yarn store and I followed her around to make sure she didn’t touch anything. mommy of the year moment #2. Great way to pick out yarn, I highly recommend it. I grabbed some Debbie bliss cashmerino DK for my sweater I’m hoping to make, I think it will work and we got out of there. (oh, and I did see 3 balls of yarn that looked like a little one got ahold of them and destroyed them, evie did NOT do that, I swear. I would have fessed up or bought them or something had it been her, I didn’t let her get into any of the yarn. Yes I will let her happily run around but I won’t let her destroy things, happy or not.) So thank you needlework employees and fellow customers! I’m sorry for the 14 month old running around the store happily screaming and smiling at you (but crying at me).

I didn’t want to reprise the fun in the car so I just plopped our full Ziploc baggie of cheerios onto evie’s lap. In the course of our trip she dumped it into her lap, car seat, seats of the car next to her, everywhere. Our trip by the way from south Minneapolis to st. paul… I gave up on 94 while waiting on the ramp from 35w (it was a dead stop, 3:30 pm) and decided to drive through the u of M and just take university over. Bad idea. BAD idea. It took FOREVER. Not only is traffic a mess due to the whole 35W bridge collapse, but it seems that all the other roads in the area are under construction!!! Ugh…

We stopped at borealis to return a ball of yarn and get some yarn for a toddler surprise jacket (for evie) and even though I shook her off outside the car and thought I got them all, we were dropping cheerios randomly through the store… mommy of the year moment #3. I did try to clean up after us but I’m sure we missed one or four. I’m sorry borealis friends! Evie was much better behaved here but I let her hold her yarn and we didn’t stay long.

Stopped by DH’s work to say hi as we were right there. Took the wrong road home and went through como park. Wow, so many trees down from the storm the night before! Ouch! Oh, and on our adventure I was noticing that so many of the trees in the area are in rough shape. This drought is really starting to hit home.

Evie fell asleep, like all little boogers, about a half mile from our house.

So. My new favorite yarn store, until a new 35W bridge is built and opened, is Borealis yarn. I’m sorry needlework, I do love you but it’s just not feasible for me to come to south Minneapolis anymore. Plus that sock yarn wall at Borealis! Swoon!

(knitting news to come soon. I have been knitting A LOT! I’ve finally ripped myself away from ravelry long enough to work on things and have been finishing things, starting and finishing some smaller things and getting SO MANY IDEAS! I LOVE RAVERLY!).


Inky said...

omg, i'm tired just reading your post!!

aija said...

I feel your toddler pain! At 3.5, we're JUST now starting to be able to get out to yarn stores... :) (Or, I've managed to be able to leave mine in able hands so I can have some peace while shopping...)

Jess said...

Oh, what a long day. I've had days like that, for sure. Glad to hear you had a good experience at Borealis - they really are great with kids. You know, I live very close to Borealis... you should let me know next time you'll be around if you want someone to distract Evie while you shop.

It's just a thought - I know there were (and still are!) times when I would kill for the opportunity to browse in a yarn shop again. But soon enough all of our kids will be grown and we'll be fighting them for possession of the stash.