Monday, November 12, 2007


ron got me some beautiful socks that rock lightweight for my birthday back in september (my request). i looked and looked through ravelry and finally found a sock that i felt would do the yarn justice. started them 10/13 - finished 11/9. not too shabby, especially with a crazy toddler running around.

9-5 socks
socks that rock - 24 karat colorway

it's not an actual cable even, just an ingenious way to do it. love them! i've been wearing them constantly now that it's cold, yea!

beautiful socks

faux cables

i love the cable running down the heel, so gorgeous!

pretty heel

toe detail

love these socks

ravelry details here


Jess said...

Wow, those are pretty! I love the color and those twisted stitches are very pretty. Fun to knit, too, aren't they :-)

Carrie said...

Great socks & pretty photos too!

Guinifer said...

Man! I love those socks!