Monday, November 12, 2007

facist robo-alien love

as mentioned, my fetchings have disappeared into the land of lost handknit items. :( and it's cold! my poor hands.

i found this pattern the day it came out. while i loved my fetchings, let's face it, in MN, you need all the coverage and warmth that you can get and my fingers did get cold in those. the extra length in these is much appreciated! i also have a new favorite yarn in the entire world. rowan cashsoft aran. YUM!!! started these friday night, finished last night, less than 48 hours. that's my kind of project.

mitts of the dystopian future
rowan cashsoft aran - yummy brown

facist robo-alien mitts

facist robo-alien mitt detail

top of hand - facist robo-alien mitts

ravelry info here


Jess said...

They look very warm and soft, I'm sure they'll come in handy (har har). And now that you've knit them, your Fetching mitts are bound to show up.

Friender said...

Wow, those are pretty cool.

eyeleen said...

They look great, and thanks for the link to the pattern. I will definitely have to knit some of those.