Tuesday, November 06, 2007


gone missing.

my fetchings

completed fetchings!

and evie's crazy cindy lou hoo hat (what her nana calls it)

evie and daddy (and her new hat!)

last seen around the time we moved... haven't really looked for them until now, as it's been spring and summer and we didn't need them but now it's officially COLD and... searching and searching and nothing.

i don't even think i could get evie to keep that hat on, she takes off any hat that isn't velcro'ed on with a chinstrap (see the fleece hat in last post) but still... i'd like to know where it is at least.

:( bummer.


Guinifer said...

That face is worth a million bucks!

Jess said...

Aww, bummer. I hope they turn up!

Carrie said...

They've got to be around somewhere.
I'm sure they'll be in the last place you look ;-)