Thursday, December 06, 2007

ready for crafty goodness!

evie and mommy, about to leave for the no-coast craft-o-rama!

dressed and ready for the no-coast craft-o-rama!

i did buy something, it's beautiful! but you don't get to see what it is until i'm finished with the knitting. he he. i'm trying to be done by christmas, and it's doable! (well, it was before evie came down with this nasty cold...)

i also learned that 18 month olds just do not mesh with craft fairs. we walked in, i popped open evie's stroller (it's an umbrella stroller) and she immediately wanted to push it. not a good sign, that's a second from a meltdown... i popped her in the sling and we distracted her with tante (my sister) who met us there (my mom came with evie and i). luckily the shock of seeing tante by surprise stopped the meltdown. my mom pushed the stroller, at least we had somewhere for our coats.

evie found every adorable stuffie in the place, and there was alot. don't get me wrong, they were all super freaking cute! but she already has so many christmas presents and stuffies coming (and those are only the ones i know of!) and she just didn't need it. especially when they cost $35 or $50. i'm not saying i'm above paying a living wage for great work, i'm just saying, she's 18 months old and we have a media room/living room/bedroom full of toys at home and i still don't have a job yet.

but we made it out unscathed, and evie probably kept me from spending far far too much money, because so much stuff there was just gorgeous! i can't wait to go next year, alone! :)

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Anonymous said...

No Coast was really fun, but yeah, it'd be tough with a little one. I was with a friend who fell in love with a giant stuffed fish pillow, she wanted to get it for her son who's into fish, but it was $70. As she noted, regretfully, that's a lot of money for a fish pillow for a 10 year old. And like you, she wasn't disputing the quality of the work, or the value of the hand-made item, just that it was too much for a young child.