Friday, January 04, 2008

the most amazing sweater ever

well, i didn't finish by christmas, but i did finish by the end of the year!


by Véronik Avery
knitty fall 2007 surprise
started november 20th
finished december 31st

kathmandu aran yarn - color 156

great pattern - just a few issues. used way way more yarn than specified.

bought buttons at the no-coast craftorama that are awesome, however for this sweater they just weren't doing it for me. so off we went to borealis and got these blue ones that perfectly match the blue in the tweed. i love them!

i haven't taken this sweater off since it dried after being wet blocked. the yarn bloomed beautifully and while it was soft before... now it's awesome!.

i love it. it totally makes up for my disappointment of my ribby cardi.

ravelry details (and there are alot of them!)

more pics soon, have to do a photoshoot - it looks different after blocking. these are pre-blocking (except the last one)

everything done

back view - which i love!

oblique - finished!  (but not blocked yet)

oblique in use


Nessa said...

It looks SO amazingly good on you!! Seriously, I am so freaking bummed out that it didn't work out for me. Although my Mr. greenjeans IS turning out nice, I love love love love love your cardi and it looks so good on you. It is what sweaters are supposed to look like!! :)

Jess said...

I love it!

Telmah said...

I love all the details on your ravelry page for the project. A nice companion to the blog post!

Guinifer said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! On the queue!