Wednesday, April 02, 2008

who wants to be my new best friend?

i have one ticket available to the harlot in st. paul. anyone needing one? :)

e-mail me at coriknits at gmail dot com

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


we went off a-caucusing tonight. h o l e y c o w

it was just a little crazy. i can't believe we got in and out of there in an hour, but then again considering all we did was go in and vote and come back out, it took forever. evie DID NOT like the crowd, granted it was state fair crowded. heck, it was wall to wall people crowded. (i would have pictures but i don't have an iphone, yet...) thank goodness for our hotsling, we had actually considered bringing the stroller and thank goodness we didn't. between the stairs and stairs and more stairs, and the crushing crowd, it would not have been possible. we finally found the classroom with our precinct, got registered and then finally voted, all while evie made a friend, a cutie named kai who was only a month older than her, but about a full 15 pounds bigger. his mom said he's always been huge, and of course evie's always been tiny so... :) (once again, no pic as i don't have my dream iphone...) they were cute but we had to get out of there. evie was about 4 seconds from a meltdown (though at the moment she was having fun), and mommy and daddy were tired.

on the way home we heard on MPR that it was turning into a mess across MN. people abandoning their cars as there was no where left to park and they wanted their votes to count! craziness!

any other voters out there? i was bummed we didn't get 'i voted' stickers, but oh well, i was also happy just to get the heck out!

there is a small amount of knitting going on around here. pics soon!

Friday, January 04, 2008

the most amazing sweater ever

well, i didn't finish by christmas, but i did finish by the end of the year!


by VĂ©ronik Avery
knitty fall 2007 surprise
started november 20th
finished december 31st

kathmandu aran yarn - color 156

great pattern - just a few issues. used way way more yarn than specified.

bought buttons at the no-coast craftorama that are awesome, however for this sweater they just weren't doing it for me. so off we went to borealis and got these blue ones that perfectly match the blue in the tweed. i love them!

i haven't taken this sweater off since it dried after being wet blocked. the yarn bloomed beautifully and while it was soft before... now it's awesome!.

i love it. it totally makes up for my disappointment of my ribby cardi.

ravelry details (and there are alot of them!)

more pics soon, have to do a photoshoot - it looks different after blocking. these are pre-blocking (except the last one)

everything done

back view - which i love!

oblique - finished!  (but not blocked yet)

oblique in use

other stuff

i didn't really knit for christmas much. i'm just not into it. i did make my mother in law a mobius (which she loves! but i have no pics of her in it... ooops!), my sister in law stephanie's unoriginal hat, and my christmas ornaments this year were EZ's fiddle faddle. yea!

mobius - ravelry details


wendy's unoriginal hat - rav details

wendy's new hat

wendy's hat detail

christmas 2007 ornaments - rav details

2007 ornaments

warm and yummy

DH was complaining that his previous hat was just not warm enough. enter the malabrigo koolhaas. other than the fact that this hat gave me carpal tunnel, i loved knitting it! it's so gorgeous! he loves it.

ravelry details

koolhaas hat for ron

koolhaas hat for ron

koolhaas hat for ron

first sweater ever!

so i finished this bad boy just after labor day. i know, at least i'm sharing now.

ribby cardi by bonne marie

mission falls cotton - in graphite and lilac

this sweater, i tried but... ugh. well. the body of this sweater is just too large. as in, i could be 6 months pregnant and no one would know. :( it seems to fit ok until it stretches out (100% cotton). and the sleeves, that i made long, are still not quite long enough. meh.

however considering it's my very first sweater ever, i guess it turned out well. i'm just bummed, i love this pattern. the sleeve area does fit well so i wonder if i just do some waist shaping if i made this again? and make the sleeve longer as well...

i am proud of the finishing skills that i gained in this sweater. and it looks nice. i even put in a zipper! (thank you!)

ravelry details for those in the know

nice raglan seam!

back view

side view

it's done!

shoulder detail

in action!

knit knit knit

collar detail

zippery goodness


outdoor pics taken by ron while we were up in two harbors on vacation (i finished it up there, though the zipper wasn't installed for a few more weeks)

happy new year!

new year, new sweater, new job (i start monday!!!). :)

things are good. posts to come soon with lots of details. i've been knitting, just not blogging. blame ravelry. :) i get my sharing fix that way, and it just seems so much easier than posting. plus it keeps everything organized and i love it!

are you in ravelry? see me here!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

ready for crafty goodness!

evie and mommy, about to leave for the no-coast craft-o-rama!

dressed and ready for the no-coast craft-o-rama!

i did buy something, it's beautiful! but you don't get to see what it is until i'm finished with the knitting. he he. i'm trying to be done by christmas, and it's doable! (well, it was before evie came down with this nasty cold...)

i also learned that 18 month olds just do not mesh with craft fairs. we walked in, i popped open evie's stroller (it's an umbrella stroller) and she immediately wanted to push it. not a good sign, that's a second from a meltdown... i popped her in the sling and we distracted her with tante (my sister) who met us there (my mom came with evie and i). luckily the shock of seeing tante by surprise stopped the meltdown. my mom pushed the stroller, at least we had somewhere for our coats.

evie found every adorable stuffie in the place, and there was alot. don't get me wrong, they were all super freaking cute! but she already has so many christmas presents and stuffies coming (and those are only the ones i know of!) and she just didn't need it. especially when they cost $35 or $50. i'm not saying i'm above paying a living wage for great work, i'm just saying, she's 18 months old and we have a media room/living room/bedroom full of toys at home and i still don't have a job yet.

but we made it out unscathed, and evie probably kept me from spending far far too much money, because so much stuff there was just gorgeous! i can't wait to go next year, alone! :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

facist robo-alien love

as mentioned, my fetchings have disappeared into the land of lost handknit items. :( and it's cold! my poor hands.

i found this pattern the day it came out. while i loved my fetchings, let's face it, in MN, you need all the coverage and warmth that you can get and my fingers did get cold in those. the extra length in these is much appreciated! i also have a new favorite yarn in the entire world. rowan cashsoft aran. YUM!!! started these friday night, finished last night, less than 48 hours. that's my kind of project.

mitts of the dystopian future
rowan cashsoft aran - yummy brown

facist robo-alien mitts

facist robo-alien mitt detail

top of hand - facist robo-alien mitts

ravelry info here


ron got me some beautiful socks that rock lightweight for my birthday back in september (my request). i looked and looked through ravelry and finally found a sock that i felt would do the yarn justice. started them 10/13 - finished 11/9. not too shabby, especially with a crazy toddler running around.

9-5 socks
socks that rock - 24 karat colorway

it's not an actual cable even, just an ingenious way to do it. love them! i've been wearing them constantly now that it's cold, yea!

beautiful socks

faux cables

i love the cable running down the heel, so gorgeous!

pretty heel

toe detail

love these socks

ravelry details here

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

it's here!!!

now i am the coolest ever.

it's here!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


gone missing.

my fetchings

completed fetchings!

and evie's crazy cindy lou hoo hat (what her nana calls it)

evie and daddy (and her new hat!)

last seen around the time we moved... haven't really looked for them until now, as it's been spring and summer and we didn't need them but now it's officially COLD and... searching and searching and nothing.

i don't even think i could get evie to keep that hat on, she takes off any hat that isn't velcro'ed on with a chinstrap (see the fleece hat in last post) but still... i'd like to know where it is at least.

:( bummer.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

4 things

carrie at knit-whit tagged whoever wanted to do this meme, which i guess is me!

4 jobs I’ve had: (had being the opportune word, ha ha ha! i'm hilarous...)
luxury car sales
'spider operator' at a haunted halloween hayride
student personnel manager at my dorm (resident hall, whatever)

4 places I’ve lived:
forest lake, mn
menomonie, wi
neenah, wi
downtown st. paul, mn

4 places I’ve vacationed:
california (san fran, then drove down to san diego)
north shore of MN (love it up there! we're going up in a month, i can't wait!)
chicago, il
black hills, sd

4 of my favorite foods:
steak (specifically the steakies my hubby makes, YUM!)
anything at pazzaluna in st. paul. yum. we like to sit at the bar by the kitchen and watch them make everything!
state fair food! (coming soon!)

4 places I’d like to visit:
anywhere with mountain
vegas (have never been...)
new york city (also have never been)

i'm copying carrie and i tag anyone who wants to do this!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


3 posts in 2 days, whoa! what is going on around here? and i have more posts in my head to put out too!

unfortunately this one is not great news. as of this morning i no longer have a job. we are not in a position where i work just to get out of the house and interact with adults, we need my income so this is not good news. any one in the twin cities area have or know of any job openings? i would like to work m-f, full time days. i am creative, fun, very hard working, have great computer skills. PC/mac proficient, an expert at Microsoft Office applications, great customer service, attention to detail, follow up skills. any questions or thoughts, please e-mail me at cori(dot)wilburATgmail(dot)com.