Tuesday, May 31, 2005

a new beginning...

My knitting blog! Yea! I created it months ago but haven't posted as I'm a slacker. Oh well. I desperately want to be part of the sockapaloza 2. I have figured that I need to actually start posting in my knitting blog so I can get into this awesome blogging community that I have found. So here goes. :)

I've been knitting since October of last year, 2004. I have knitted here and there in the past, but couldn't make anything that was more than a skewed uneven mess. I have crocheted my whole life, but officially I haven't crocheted anything more than cotton dishcloths for my mom. My dad passed away September 23rd. As you can imagine, my life changed alot. Once things were getting back to 'normal' (a new normal anyway), I needed something to do while watching tv and relaxing, it was hard to quiet my mind. I told my husband, 'I need to knit'. Off we went to the evil Joann Etc (can't start out with the fancy schmancy stuff, I didn't know how long i was going to stick with this...). I had finished a scarf for myself and one for my mom in just a few weeks. Started making scarves for Christmas. Fell in love with koigu, started a collection of koigu (for a lace poncho), fell in love with lace, fell in love with denise needles, fell in love with addi turbos... do you see a pattern here? :)

I'm currently working on two main projects, and a few things on the side.

My two main projects are birthday socks for my mom, coming up July 2nd (her 50th!!!). I'm using Opal Gems 100% Merino Wool that I bought at Borealis Yarns in St. Paul (first time there, not bad!). It's in a gorgeous purple for the yarn (my mom loves purple) and I am using the Fiber Trends Butterflies and Blossoms pattern, in the butterfly lace for the pattern (my mom LOVES butterflies). I hope it's a hit. I am almost done, I'm to the point of starting the toe shaping. I would be done but I was waiting to try them on my sister, her feet are skinnier than my mom's but the same size. So those should be done way before her birthday, yea me for starting them in advance! I'm also proud of myself because these are the first socks I am doing as two socks on one circular (figured it out with a little internet research) and also, it's the first time i'm doing two socks at once. Which is AWESOME. I can't say I plan on ever doing just one sock at a time again. Suckidy suck, I love that I'm almost done with these sockS, yes, sockS.

her feet are a size smaller than mine = time for toes!
butterfly lace socks!

butterfly lace detail
butterfly detail

My other main project right now is my first ever sweater! Granted it's a Chickami, a tank top, can't get much easier than that, but it's still nerve-wracking. I'm using Rowan Handknit Cotton in a gorgeous pink that I bought at the Yarn Cafe in Maple Grove. I actually swatched (a first for me, it's never really been needed...) and I just rechecked my gauge and it's perfect! Whoohoo! I'm about 8 inches in so far. Yea me!

I'm a little further than this now, this was on Sunday before we drove home...

knitting while tailgating before the brewer's game!
knitting while tailgateing before the brewers game

On the side I have silk ready to go for a modified Unbiased bag for my mom. She loved mine so much she had me buy her the yarn to make her one. I used 3 hanks for my modified/inspired by Unbiased bag, one I loved, one that was ok, and one that I hated. I only like to show the one side of the bag, I feel the other is 'ugly' and the strap is ok. Of course they had gotten more in and hers is gorgeous purples with pinks and gah! Hate mom. Plus now I know the secrets and I know hers is going to be SO much better than mine... Oh well.

Also, I have the yarn for a Ribby Cardi! (yes, I'm a Bonnie Marie whore right now...). Not only that, it's the elusive/discontinued Mission Falls 1824 cotton! I have a main color of Graphite, which I plan on doing the majority of the cardi in, and a few balls of Lilac, for the bottom edge of the of the front/back and sleeves. I can't wait to start! Or maybe I can with everything I have in line right now...

What else... Well, I saw today that Amy from Knitty has a calendar contest going on. I have wanted to make Kyoto for some time now, wouldn't it be great to make it to be photographed! I have the perfect yarn in my 'stash', although I would want to add some more main color under the sash to lengthen the sweater, I don't like short sweaters. Plus I like the design, but I just think it would look better/more complete with an addition on the bottom. Anyway, I don't have enough yarn to do that.. I have enough to do it as it is in the pattern. Oh, and no one has the yarn anymore (I'm embarrassed to say, it's Bernat Cotton Tots from *gasp* the evil empire/Walmart). So... Still thinking this one over.

Oh, and I have sock yarns up the hooha. Regia Stretch for me, Multi Color Regia Stretch for me, Koigu for me, Opal for my hubby, I *think* that's it. For now.

So, long time reader, first time blogging (knitting blogging anyway, I have had and do have other blogs).

ready, go!!!

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