Wednesday, June 01, 2005

bummer... blah!

Well, I was able to sucessfully sign up this morning for sockapaltwoza! Whohoo! This is quite exciting. I have never been part of anything like this before so I'm pumped to be involved. :) I have no idea what to make, hopefully my sockpal's notes and preferences help me out, I just hope I don't disappoint them!

The bummer part of this post is this.

what's left of my chickami

This is my Chickami. I was just about to start ball #4. I tried it on (I do best when sewing things (and apparently knitting things) when I try them on as I go) and my wonderful hubby was taking pics for me. But it seems too big. I tried to tell myself that it was fine. I flipped it and tried it on again upside down as the hip measurement/# of stitches is the same for the hip and the bust. I have me some hips, and I have boobage, but more of the hips. It was far too big on top. Thought maybe I would rip out to the bust increases, maybe not add as many. But with a little playing around I think I realized that it is just too darn big. Especially when I take into consideration that I will be losing weight this summer and I'd like to wear it for more than a month (I'm not being hopeful, I'm having jaw surgery, more about that in a later post, and I will be on a no chew diet for 6 weeks. I *will* be losing weight this summer). Blah. Rippity, rip, rip, rip. And my gauge was spot on, dead on (I'm so proud, I'm new at this gauge thing...).

You can see that it is too big by the ripples on the back.

saggy back

Too big back

Comparison to an Old Navy tank that I like the fit of... Looks a little big, eh?

comparison to a tank that fits...  looks big, eh?

Contemplating ripping.

should i rip you?

Ripping, I LOVE my ball winder!

looks like i decided to rip...

So I start again. Actually it's bed time. I'll cast on again on the bus. But hey, it's my first 'sweater', could be worse. At least I figured it out before I was finished, right? :)

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