Friday, June 03, 2005

apparently i'm an moron...

Off to the ortho this morning for me, yea! This made me happy because we were taking molds for my upcoming surgery. We don’t know when it is yet, hence the molds to send off to the oral surgeon. He will do surgery on them and make sure that I’m ready to go, then the pre-surgery stuff starts, fun! More about all of that on my oral fun blog, this is my knitting blog!

The #2 reason why I was excited to go to the ortho was because it is right by the Yarn Café in Maple Grove. This is where I got the Rowan handknit cotton that I used on the chickami that I ripped. I realized that I wasn’t crazy about the fabric that was knitting up. It was thick, didn’t have great drape, and the yarn, while nice, reminded me of the crap cotton that you make knitted dishcloths out of. It was better than that of course, but was similar as well. I was so excited when I found Berroco Softwist there this morning. I checked it out, good price, good feel, was a linen/rayon blend which is good for summer, yea! Found 7 of them in a gorgeous magentaish color, things are good.

I also grabbed a hank of recycled silk for my adjustment to my silk bag… I hate the one side, I don’t like how it knitted up, it ranged from SUPER thin and highly twisted to SUPER thick yarn. And the colors are hideous, not me at all. I have tried living with it and I just can’t. Bummer. Even though it’s all nicely put together and I feel the bag has ‘melded’ together, I am planning on knitting up that side again in my new hank, ripping out the ugly one and replacing it. I hope it looks better, I would use the bag a lot more if I thought it looked nice.

good side that i love
good silk bag

bad side i don't like. ick
bad silk bag

new, hopefully better yarn...
new silk yarn!

So I am driving to work, almost about to pull into the parking ramp that is closest to my work when I notice something on the label of my Berroco Softwist. I see the evil word. The wool word. WOOL? What the hell??? Somewhere in my yarn induced haze of the yarn store, I somehow did not see where it said 41 % WOOL / LAINE, and instead saw LAINE, which my brain saw as linen. My gorgeous yarn, that I planned on making a tank for SUMMER out of, has wool in it. ugh… I almost, ALMOST, think I could pull it off, other than the fact that once I’m hot, I’m a completely cotton girl. Period. If I’m remotely warm and I put on wool I will die.

Now I’m bummed again. I want to make my chickami and I have no yarn.

Oh well, I did an internet search of softwist and it seems that it splits when knitting and snags easily. Good, I didn’t want this stupid yarn anyway.

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