Thursday, June 09, 2005

can not buy yarn, NOT buy yarn!

the expo is over, yea! i can return to my regular knitting schedule shortly.

i was done a little before 5:00 today. unfortunately, this is not the best time to get onto the freeways to try to get home. so i took the back roads home, which 'accidentally' took me to the yarnery on grand ave. in st. paul. i'm not a huge fan of the yarnery, had a bad experience with them back in october when i started knitting. however i have gone back a number of times and they are slowly starting to win me over. i would now rate them in the top 5 knitting stores in the area. that i have been to anyway.


this is the yarn that i am currently obsessed with. this is the yarn that i plan on using for all future projects (only slightly kidding). i'm damn near 1/2 done wiht my chickami and i'm contemplating just making it in this amazing color.

but i left with nothing. it killed me but i did. plus i have no yarn money. and that stupid point yarn is more that i would like it to be (but worth every penny, pending future pilling or cleaning issues, but so far it's amazing!). and even though i don't believe in having a stash, (i believe that all yarn should be purchased for a specific project, AND that you should not have enough yarn for 43 projects at once), i am starting to have a stash.

what can i say? i am having surgery in a month or so. i will be home from work for at least two weeks (i'm hoping the surgeon lets me do 3 weeks though). i need yarn to knit with! (so i have enough yarn for 3 1/2 pairs of socks, a ribby cardi, some cotton that could be a kyoto from a previous knitty, an unbiased-inspired silk bag, yarn to fix my silk bag, and i'm sure i'm forgetting something...) i should have MORE than enough to do!

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