Wednesday, July 06, 2005

cool stuff i found out the interweb

the internet (say it in your head like an old person, trying to figure out what the hype is about this interweb thing)

this post is mostly for myself. if i put these links in my blog, then i will know where to find them! but maybe you will find them interesting too!

i want to make one of these! a sushi toilet paper cover, how could it BE any better??? (maybe if it were knitted...)

in fact, looking through it, crochet me! rocks in general! it's no knitty, but it's pretty cool (i.e. kristi! go here and find stuff to crochet!). you can look through the back issues and find lots of cool stuff to crochet. and crocheting is easy, if you can knit, you can crochet. and if you can't, then you need to learn how! crocheting is a good skill to have as a knitter, it's great for finishing things (as if i finish things... ha!).

look! a star pattern to use in place of the tulip pattern in the tiptoe through the tulips socks at knitty! I wasn't crazy about the tulips, but i LOVE the star! and those socks were designed by one of my favorite bloggers (and writer too!),the hilarious and charming yarn harlot! (who was particularily amusing today!).

the following site and cool things were found by reading the cool stuff! article in the new knitty. this is a very good knockoff pattern of the shawl that jessica simpson moped around in on season one of newlyweds. in fact, stitch diva rocks overall! (and i LOVE this capelet!) now i am NOT a jessica fan but i did spend the season (my hubby likes to watch reality tv...) trying to figure out her shawl. i plan on buying this pattern and crocheting this one eventually, sooner rather than later. depending on how much i like the shawl that i make with the yarn i bought today at crafty planet! he he he! i promised the guy (sorry, i don't know their names yet...) that i would not be back for a LONG time. he said, 'oh no!'

he he he... what he doesn't know is that he's about to be my new best friend. :)

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