Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Kristi's one skein wonder 20 questions

1. project? Kristi’s green one skein wonder
2. where is the pattern from? Stephanie Japel's one skein wonder
3. yarn stats, fiber content/color? Bernat Satin, 100% acryllic in palm (green)
4. needles and sizes? denise 9 for the body, denise 5 for ribbing
5. pattern size? I just went until it fit nicely across her back and arms, I had been planning on a 17” or so.
6. how much yarn was used: just under one skein! (166 yds per skein)
7. yarn purchased at? Crafty Planet, Minneapolis, MN
8. is this the yarn specified in the pattern? Nope
9. did i make gauge? Nope, I was off. That’s why I just knit until it fit.
10. how long did it take to knit? Tuesday night to Saturday night
11. any deviations from the pattern? Same as mine. (i seamed the sleeves together a little different than specified in the pattern, i think it makes it look more 'sleeve' like instead of like cuffs. oh, and i did the sleeve cuffs in the round, and i did them in a matching 2x2 rib. i wasn't into the sleeves being seed stitch and the body having a 2x2 rib. )
12. if i did it again, would I do it differently? nope
13. clarity of instructions? Went off memory, was clear in the past.
14. did i learn anything? Knitting is fun!
15. worth it? yup
16. will i do it again? Still working on two more!
17. any seaming/finishing methods? just a tiny amount of sewing under arms
18. verdict on the yarn used? it's not bad, I have a skein in a bright pink for myself.
19. will she wear it? I hope so!
20. comments? Fun pattern, even the 2nd time around!

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