Tuesday, July 05, 2005

they fit!

and by 'they' i mean both my mom's socks and my sister's one skein wonder!

here are pics of both

she likes them!

she likes them!

mom's socks!

perfect fit!

perfect length!

check out that length!  perfect!

and i finished my seester kristi's one skein wonder during my mom's party

isn't she cute?

kristi's one skein wonder - front

kristi's one skein wonder - back

very nice, i like it! 20 questions on it coming soon, AND i'm almost done with both mine and my coworker friend's OSW as well!

I've also been working here and there on my sockapaltwoza socks, mostly on the bus to and from work, and for a while on the 4th. i'm a little over half done with the leg. i'm having flickr issues with this picture or else you would see them here! anyway, i loved seeing my name and a link to my blog in alison's post today, yea me! i love being in a knitalong!

and lastly.. i 'accidentally' stopped at crafty planet
today. it's a craft store that has yarn, and it is FAR too close to my house! i just found it a few weeks ago thanks to a kick ass article in the city pages about knitting. they have some yarn, just enough to be dangerous (once you get past that it smells like an old book store, you know that smell? my sister and hubby didn't notice. i used to read alot, i noticed it...). anyway, i got this...

pretty colors!

for my future kyoto. pretty, huh? this means that i can (and already did!) return the hot pink cotton tots i had purchased at the evil walmart. i'm all about supporting my local little craft store and not the evil empire. ick.

of course it's lion brand cotton-ease, another discontinued yarn that i'm trying AFTER it's discontinued. so then i can fall in love with it and be mad that i ever tried it as i can't even get anymore!

cotton-ease for my kyoto!

i'm going back tomorrow. i've decided that i'm making myself a black crocheted shawl (just like the one that Angela made, see!) to get me through my upcoming surgery and recovery. i'm going to clean them out of the black they have left (3 skeins), yea me!

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