Friday, July 01, 2005

i'm deformed!

My sister’s OSW has maimed me! well not really. But the bernat satin has been sticking on my denise needles and I have been having to do a lot of pushing this yarn around. Apparently it’s taken it’s toll on my thumb! I have a little spot that has been sore and kinda dented. I notice it when I’m typing and I hit the space bar (which it seems I only do with my right thumb, not at all with my left…) and it HURTS! So… my plan was to finish the chickami and all one skein wonders by Monday end of day. But… as always and just like everyone else who comes up with personal deadlines, it’s so not going to happen, especially with my bum thumb. Bummer. Luckily, I can still knit everything OTHER than her OSW. And I’m a machochist so I will still probably work on it anyway. :)

Plus I can’t/won’t finish my coworker friend’s OSW until after Monday. She’s out of town on vacation and, as I’ve mentioned, I like to try things on as I sew/knit them and I refuse to finish this before I can check it out on her to make sure things fit before it’s all finished and then I would have to rip it ALL out. Oh well.

Plus I’m insane. It’s a holiday weekend and we’re going to be busy anyway. Plus, IT’S MY MOM’S FIFTIETH BIRTHDAY TOMORROW and we are having a BIG party! SHE’S going to be FIFTY! That’s OLD! :) just kidding mom. And now you can FINALLY read my blog because you have your socks/my big secret! I hope they fit! I secretly think they are too big but I had been thinking they were too small when I was making them, so I have no idea.


kriskristi said...

hey! where are the pictures of my osw and mom's socks??


Anonymous said...