Wednesday, June 29, 2005

a little of this, a little of that

Goodness, it’s been too long!

I was out of town from Friday to Monday and have been trying to catch up since! My hubby and I went out to door county (WI) to visit his sister and her husband. It was an interesting trip. All I have heard about door county for the past 5 years from so many people is how beautiful it is. I didn’t get it. it was pretty, don’t get me wrong. But I’m definitely not in love with door county and I would go up to the north shore of MN instead in a heart beat! We did have some fun though. Check out my door county set in flickr to see some pics!

Because of our trip, my chickami has been sitting in a lurch since last week. I am so damn near done, I have one strap done, one that I just started. Just the I-cord straps (I have one done but I'm going to redo it...) and I’m done! Unfortunately we had a lot to do last Thursday night before we left and it didn’t happen. :( I wanted to be able to spend time on the straps and make sure that they are perfect so I didn’t bring it along on our vacation, I knew that I wouldn’t have the undivided time to spend on it. It is so close that it’s killing me though!

chickami progress - almost done!

Thank god I didn’t bring it along though… my SIL’s two cats have proven in the past that they are shedding machines and it seems as if this is still true. Not only that, but apparently my SIL and her husband’s vacuum is broken (it wasn’t elaborated on…) and therefore their apartment wasn’t vacuumed before we came, or for some time before it seemed… there was a little bit of cat hair around. And by a little bit I mean that everything we brought into their apartment has been covered in a layer of whiteish cat hair since, some despite immediate washing machine action the minute we got home.

So… any knitting that I did was very carefully worked on after I attempted to defur myself as much as I could. I keep all my projects in gallon plastic bags (LOVE the gallon plastic bags!) so for the most part my knitting was kept cat hair free.

What was I working on if it wasn’t the chickami? Good question! I brought along 3 OSWs and my sockopaltwoza socks! Yes three one skein wonders! And yes, I have decided (for now anyway) on a pattern and a yarn for my sock pal! I’m bummed I wasn’t in Alison’s post yesterday however I realized that for her to have anything about me, I would have had to blog about it, duh! So here goes.

My sock pal left me up in the air about what to do for them. I was told knitters choice for yarn and pattern. Gah! I have settled on Regia Stretch for the yarn, in a very pretty blue (it very subtly changes from a lighter light blue to a darker light blue) and the Go with the Flow socks from the Summer 2005 Interweave Knits. aren’t they gorgeous? I love them. I’m not sure about the sizing yet. We’ll have to see. my sock pal has feet that are much different than mine and it makes me VERY nervous! But I’m trekking along and am already WAY further than this, yea me!

my sockapaltwoza socks for my pal!

sockapaltwoza yarn

Still wondering about those 3 one skein wonders? Well, I have a black in Lana Grossa Point for a coworker friend and a black in the same for me (the ‘deal’ I talked about last time, she buys the yarn for both, I make her one), and a green Bernat Satin for my seester! I’m done with the body of my friend’s, I think I have a row or two left of the body for mine (not sure of the size since this yarn is stretchy, I don’t want to make it TOO big, I wan to utilize some of the stretch, plus it’s a slightly different gauge than the last yarn so I’m taking my time to get a good fit) and my sister’s is about 10 rows from being done with the body. These things are too fast and addicting! I like instant gratification, and this just about does it!

I also officially have some hardcore knitting time coming up! My surgery has been scheduled! July 20th baby. Read more about it at my oral fun blog (link in the right sidebar). wish me luck!


Biotress said...

I randomly came across your blog and just wanted to say "hi."

noricum said...

Isn't it nervewracking worrying about fit? I've finished my pal's socks, and now have to wait two and a half *months* to find out whether they fit! *sigh*