Monday, June 20, 2005

i told you i would be done soon!

see! just about when i thought i'd never be done with them!

crazy lady purple socks - done!

more pics to come after my mom gets them for her birthday, july 2nd!

cori's 20 questions

1. project? crazy lady's purple butterfly lace socks!
2. where is the pattern from? Fiber Trend's Butterflies & Blossoms designed by Evelyn A. Clark
3. yarn stats, fiber content/color? Gems Opal, 100% pure merino wool, purple
4. needles and sizes? addi turbos size 1
5. pattern size? no size, used pattern for circumfrence, sister's foot for length
6. how much yarn was used: 225 yardsish
7. yarn purchased at? Borealis Yarn in St. Paul, MN. Had WAY WAY too much yarn (person at borealis yarns convinced me that I NEEDED two, there was NO way I could make it on just 1 ball… just under 1/2 each ball left...)

this is what i have left... about a koigu sized ball for each. when weighed it's 96 grams...
what i have left over after the crazy lady's socks...

8. is this the yarn specified in the pattern? no specific yarn specified, just weight
9. did i make gauge? yes
10. how long did it take to knit? may 18th to june 20th
11. any deviations from the pattern? nope
12. if i did it again, would I do it differently? nope
13. clarity of instructions? Pattern is great, mostly easy to follow. Went fast!
14. did i learn anything? that I can finish socks!
15. worth it? yup
16. will i do it again? i do want a pair of the blossom lace for myself, i think it looks like a sunshine. maybe in a sunny yellow or a fun yellow/orange/red verigated?
17. any seaming/finishing methods? nope
18. verdict on the yarn used? soft, nice, amazing color
19. will i wear them? they are for my mom, so no! :) but she will, she better!
20. comments? knitting 2 socks on one circular - first time! i don't plan on making socks any other way from now on, this was amazing. both done at the same time, same thing done to each right after each other, no trying to remember what i did last time.

oh, and i wore my one skein wonder to work today. my team loved it! yea! and, i'm making one for one of my teammates. she is a buddy from a job a long time ago, just a sweetheart, and i'm lucky enough to work with her again! she is annoyed with our dress code and is looking for something that will cover her shoulders so she can wear her sleeveless shirts. this would be it! we struck a deal. she pays for the yarn for a black lana grossa point one skein wonder for both of us and i make hers for her. normally i'd ask for more for knitting something for someone, but i love her and also, this is so easy! sounds like a deal to me.

so off to the yarnery i went (needlework unlimited only had one ball, i wanted 4 (should only take 3 but just in case!)

the yarnery!

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