Sunday, June 19, 2005

one skein wonder details

well, suppose you guys might want some details on my finished one skein wonder. here's the skinny (I stole this idea of a list of answers from another blog a long time ago so I can't remember who to credit! if it's you or someone you know please let me know so I can credit the right person!)

cori's 20 questions

1. project? Cori's white one skein wonder
2. where is the pattern from? Stephanie Japel's one skein wonder
3. yarn stats, fiber content/color? Bernat cottontots, 100% cotton baby! perfect for summer, wonder white
4. needles and sizes? denise 8 for the body, denise 5 for ribbing
5. pattern size? 17"
6. how much yarn was used: just over 200 yards (pattern stated 150 yards for this size...)
7. yarn purchased at? **shh!*** i hate the evil empire.
8. is this the yarn specified in the pattern? no, although there isn't a specific yarn specified, just weight
9. did i make gauge? yup, yea me!
10. how long did it take to knit? sunday night to friday night
11. any deviations from the pattern? kinda, i seamed the sleeves together a little different than specified in the pattern, i think it makes it look more 'sleeve' like instead of like cuffs. oh, and i did the sleeve cuffs in the round, and i did them in a matching 2x2 rib. i wasn't into the sleeves being seed stitch and the body having a 2x2 rib.
12. if i did it again, would I do it differently? hmm... a nicer yarn would have been nice, but my one skein wonder cost me less than $4, not too shabby.
13. clarity of instructions? mostly clear. i thought it was weird how you picked up the stitches at the back right shoulder seam, then the left front, then transfer the back section and then pick up stitches for the right front. huh? i just started at the right front and worked around so i didn't have more yarn ends to weave in.
14. did i learn anything? yes, that i like finishing things quickly!
15. worth it? yes!
16. will i do it again? i have already cast on for one for my sister!
17. any seaming/finishing methods? just a tiny amount of sewing under arms
18. verdict on the yarn used? it's not bad, i have a ton more, so i'll be using it!
19. will i wear it? i finished it friday night, wore it saturday and a little on sunday. yes!
20. comments? LOVE IT! i plan on making a few more... for myself and others!

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