Saturday, June 18, 2005

one skein wonder! (and segways!)

i finished it!

it's done!

started last sunday evening, knitted mostly on the bus, finished last night. ta da!

one skein wonder front view

one skein wonder back view

one skein wonder flat view

i LOVE it! and it's officially my first 'real' thing to wear that i knit to size. yea me! my chickami was going to be my first thing that i've knitted that i can wear, but this was so fast! (just to clarify, something fitted, scarves/bags/etc don't count, gauge doesn't really matter on those and for some reason i'm not counting socks really either...)

as you can see, i dragged it along on our segway tour today!

cori and ron

the tour was my birthday present to my wonderful hubby. as you can see, he liked it a little.

cori and ron on segways!

ron segwaying

the birthday boy (slightly belated...)

his birthday was may 8th, but the weather has been so UBER crappy on weekends. we wanted a good day to do this, not dodging rain puddles. as you can see, the weather in minneapolis today was AMAZING. we had ALOT of fun. if you get a chance, go segway! it's easy and so fun!


there i go!


here i come!

i didn't like how things were all bumpy and crappy on my mom's socks, so i ripped again, but i'm working on them tonight so maybe we'll get these done soon. maybe by tomorrow night?

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kriskristi said...

yay, now make my one skein wonder!! :) you sure liked your segway trip. and took lots of pictures! (nice helmets) but it looks fun. maybe i'll go sometime.