Friday, June 17, 2005

socks and other stuff!

Busy me, no time for updates!

Planted flowers this week, and still have more to plant! Guess we overbought, AGAIN! How many years in a row is this? Oh well, flowers are pretty. Pics to come soon once they are all in dirt and happy.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been knitting as much as I would like to. Tuesday I tried my mom’s bday socks on my sister again. I had ripped out the beginning of the toes as they were too small and added more length. After the measurement I still have MORE length to add, how was I so off before? Anyway, I was almost ready to start the toe and I was just unhappy with how things were looking. You could totally see a line in the knitting as to where I ripped out the beginning of the toe and started adding length. I think it’s because the yarn was all crinkly from being knitted, it wasn’t lying flat. It couldn’t possibly be from me not knitting the same gauge, never! Anyway, whatever it was is gone. I ripped again! Let’s try this one more time… that’s what you get for not having someone’s foot size when making them secret socks.

I have started the top back of my chickami! Unfortunately it is now a little too large to bring along with me on the bus and places, so it’s been a little ignored this week. Maybe I can finish it up this weekend? Or at least work on it some! All I have left is the top back, top front and the straps! Home stretch!

And my success story this week is my one skein wonder. Perfect bus project, I love it! I am done with the body, have both sleeve finished (I knitted them in the round so I wouldn’t have to seam) and am currently picking up stitches for the rest of the ribbing. I should be done with this bad boy tonight!

And lastly, I have my sockapal-2-za pal's info! Whoohoo! Can you believe, 352 sock knitters??? That’s over 700 socks! Unfortunately, my pal is far too easy and says pattern, color and fiber choice is up to the knitter! Gah! Too many choices, what to do??? At least I have some time to think about it. I plan on perusing my pal’s blog to get some ideas of what to make. I’m so nervous, I hope I make something that my pal likes!

Funnily enough, I’m not worried about what my pal makes for ME! :) HI SOCKAPAL-2-ZA PAL! I feel bad, I have big feet so I tried to put enough info in for my sock pal. I babbled a bunch about the size of my feet and my fiber preferences… (I’m wool sensitive). At the same time, I’m so honored that someone is making a pair of socks for me, that I don’t really care what I get, I’m so excited! Oh, and if you are thinking of using say, some gorgeous Koigu or other amazing yarn, but you don’t know if I can handle the 100% merino wool, I say just go for it! :) Just try to stay away from the super scratchy wool and any angora. Oh, and THANK YOU AGAIN!

That’s all for now! Hopefully I have pics soon of some FOs!

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