Sunday, June 12, 2005

it's cleaning time at cori and ron's!

fun fun for us. it's been quite a weekend at out townhouse. cleaning and rearranging galore around here. i didn't take pictures of the bathroom (needed to be cleaned...), the deck (old flower containers cleaned up and ready to go for the flowers right next to them), or the basement (storage closet filled with boxes has been cleaned out and arranged so you can actually walk into it!), but i DID take pictures of my 'knitting area'. this would be the area of mine next to the couch where i had my knitting stuff. it started as one of those knitting bag things. but it kinda exploded over time. i finally did something about it, see!

knitting area - before

knitting area - after

i have a 4 drawer plastic thing hiding behind the couch now! (that 3rd drawer doesn't close yet, we need a new surge protector with a flat plug into the wall, this one sticks out as you can tell). but doesn't it look nice!
my new knitting storage!

sadly it doesn't quite fit everything... i have the yarn for my ribby cardi and my pink cotton tots yarn hidden under the side table, but it is contained!
shh....  some is hiding!

i also started a one skein wonder today. in my evil empire wal-mart special white cotton tots (i can't find any more so no kyoto out of this for me). no pics yet. and my chickami is getting very close to being split into a front or back!

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kriskristi said...

your living room looks very nice and clean. i think i'm the first person to leave a comment!! yay! knitting is fun. although i don't knit. i just crochet. and barely at that. heh, but i like to look at what can be made. that's fun.