Monday, July 11, 2005

sock pal socks update

hi sock pal! i'm getting there, working on them between this and that.

sockapaltwoza progress!

today on the bus ride home i finished my crocheted shawl. which was a good thing, my bus a/c was about -30 below zero, so i put it right on. i like it alot, but i thought it would be bigger. i'm going to measure it to see if my gauge is off (i know, check the gauge BEFORE finishing the project!) and maybe block it? pics and details coming tomorrow! i do like it to the point that the knock off shawl that i linked to the other day, i'll be making that one soon. hopefully it's bigger!

oh, AND my OSW was finished tonight too! hoping to finish my coworker friend tracie's OSW tomorrow night, and do i hear a chickami being finished anytime soon??? anyone, anyone? those stupid i-cord straps are killing me, they don't like me. i finished #1, then did #2, #2 looked much better (but took me FOREVER! i knit 2 inches, ripped one, knit 2 more, knit one, it just starts crapping out and i am not changing how i am knitting or anything! gah!), anyway, so then i ripped #1, now as i S L O W L Y knit strap #1, i think that it looks even BETTER than #2. ugh. so that's where that is. blah.

i'm thinking of modifying the kyoto pattern, especially now after reading that people have had issues with the sizing and shapelessness. but it looks so pretty! it's such a good and pretty concept! i wanted it to be one of my after surgery recovery knitting projects. but now that i keep thinking of how i'm going to modify it, maybe not. maybe i will make my ribby cardi?


alison said...

Those socks are beautiful! What is the pattern you're using. I missed it if you posted it earlier. And your OSW turned out fabulous. Love the black!

amanda said...

pretty socks and DO tell the pattern please!

noricum said...

Lovely socks!

Barbara said...

Lovely socks! As I browse the sites looking at socks, I keep asking, is this for me? Funny how no one answers my questions! Seriously, it's lovely, tell us what the patter is.