Thursday, July 28, 2005

why hello there!

sorry for the little delay. :)

i'm back!

my upper jaw surgery went well (it was last wednesday at 8:30 am), details to come on my surgery blog. i'm still getting my info together and need to upload my beautiful pics to the internet, then i'll get the info out there.

i had a wonderful surprise in the hospital. the night of my surgery my mom and sister and my husband took 'shifts' to eat dinner. when my hubby came back from his dinner away, he also brought me 13 skeins of gorgeous koigu! all in one color, or colorway anyway, pink, orange, green, blue, purple gorgeousness. he said that he and the sales lady (at Needlework Unlimted, of course! actually it's the closest LYS to the hospital) decided that a bouqet of koigu would be better than a bouquet of flowers. :) hey i agree!

ron brought me a bouquet of yarn!
(don't i look hot???)

i have absolutely no idea what i am going to make out of it. he did say that i could exchange leftover for another color or something else if i don't use all of it. so friends out there, what can i make with 2275 or less yards of gu? i need help here!

so i just started knitting again the night before last. i have been a little out of it with everything. i don't feel like working on anything i already have started, my sockapaltwoza socks, finishing up my chickami, etc. i don't want to mess up anything in my post surgery/recovery inattentiveness/pain med induced missing stitches/random yarn overs out of no where.

so i'm working on some felting projects! see, that way if i screw up a stitch or two, it won't matter as it will disappear during felting! pics to come soon, i promise.

and seriously people, i need suggestions for this koigu! i'm thinking either a shawl (but not a charlotte's web as it's all one 'color' and that one plays so much on the color change), or... starting a pinwheel blanket!

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