Monday, July 18, 2005

holy freaking hot!

ugh. it has been so hot, the twin cities has been breaking records left and right. we haven't had this many 90 degrees days in a row since 1936 or something like that. all i know is that i HATE being hot and sticky, and that when we let a few hours go between waterings, our impatiens start looking like this...

too many 90 degree days will do that to flowers

don't worry. a little water and they perk right on up.

my biggest issue this weekend (other than cabin fever from not leaving a/c for more than the run to the car and then into whereever we are going and back) has been...

which one, the new harry, or knitting (actually, crocheting)???

which one?  to knit (crochet) or harry???

it wasn't actually much of a real question however. that is how far i was on harry yesterday. i'm now done.

i'll wait to blog about it until a few more people are done. i will say that i have been digesting it for a 1/2 hour now and i'm not spectacularily impressed...

and i finished tracie's OSW (which is actually mine but i'm giving it to her, long story). mine (old hers) should be done very shortly.

tracie's one skein wonder done!

t-minus 3 days (actually 2 now as it's past midnight...) until my surgery...

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