Thursday, July 14, 2005

la la la...

so... no more buying of any yarn for me! for real! (other than just 1 skein that i am short for a project...)

i think i have enough yarn to last me through my recovery from my jaw surgery. (did i mention it's next wednesday, as in 6 days from now??? as in, 5 days from 2 hours from now???) i kinda bought more yarn. see... i like to support my local crafty planet! it's a little neighborhood buisiness, i'm just helping out! and they are 90 seconds from my bus stop, how can i not stop??? i got a skein of cascade 220 from them. my first ever! i even figured out why it's called cascade 220... silly me. (220 yards...) but cori, why would you want any cascade 220? well, even after seeing it on 14,000 blogs, seeing alison's sophie made me want one... and just one skein needed??? done!

i then went on over to my other fave LYS, needlework unlimited. found THE color of cascade 220... so i got that too. two sophies? not sure. and i had some help and after driving the poor woman crazy, we found a yarn for my knockoff shawl!

knockoff shawl yarn!

i LOVE it, AND (!) it was 50% off! done!

while at needlework unlimited, there were two classes going on, so i just looked at my potential yarn choices quietly. I heard a bubbly voice talking... talk/teach talk/teach talk/teach, knitting camp, talk/teach, knitting camp. i stopped yarn shopping and listened... bubbly voice just like her blog, check, knitting camp, check, teaching a class at needlework unlimited, check. it's CARYN! and sure enough it was. after paying i went over and tried as politely as i could to interrupt her class. she didn't seem to be actively teaching, at that moment she was assisting her students. i introduced myself and we chatted for a few minutes. she is hilarious and very nice. AND! my first blogger in real life meeting!

a great night overall. and i'm done buying yarn. that last skein i talked about above, it's going to be FREE! i filled up my needlework unlimited card! free $20 of yarn for me!!!

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