Monday, August 01, 2005

the UPS man came to visit today...

i realize that tomorrow is tuesday... i am still lovingly ignoring my sockapaltwoza socks (believe me sock pal, this is good!). i am still not working on any 'real' projects (those would be projects that will not be felted). i'm not quite up to it yet. but, for all of my fellow sockapaltwoza friends out there who didn't scroll down, those are go with the flow socks from interweave knits, was it summer 05, i think? after checking the pile of knitting magazines hiding in my coffee table next to me, yes, summer 2005 IK. they are fun so far!

so... a few days ago i ordered from you see, my old swift has a few issues. while it does a great job, there are times when it doesn't want to help me turn my hanks into pretty center pull balls. sometimes it gets crabby while i'm winding a ball. sometimes i don't want it to know that i bought more yarn, but the yarn is in a hank and i want to knit with it! :) after asking my old swift if it would mind if i got a new swift with some money that i earned, it told me that it not. so i used a 50% off online coupon and ordered a swift! i got the confirmation e-mail of my purchase, and then nothing. the site is rediculously stupid and you can't look up your order at all, so i called the customer service # this afternoon (i meant to do it before but it was the middle of the night and they are open normal daytime hours only). the customer service woman was very nice and she told me it shipped the 28th. huh? that's news to me. she gave me the tracking # and i looked it up. out for delivery!!!

my hubby came home from work and we wanted to go out and get food. we waited and waited, and finally i just left a note for the UPS man. it seems he liked it, he put a smiley face on my note and did leave it in the garage. see. :) (i thought long and hard before i wrote UPS man, but i figured i was safe writing man even though it made me feel sexist).

my package!

and after dinner i went from this swift...

cori and ron!
me and my old swift, aka ron!

to this swift!

my new swift!

my old swift likes my new swift alot! he keeps twirling it. :)

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