Thursday, August 04, 2005

looking for a shawl pattern...

made for gu, that's good!

i like this one! (but it's for lace weight yarn...)

i like this one too! (but it's for lace weight yarn too...)

maybe this one? (but it's for lace weight yarn as well...)

LOVE this, but not for this yarn...

shadow shawl is AWESOME... but not with gu.

*edited much later in the day after sleeping*

on my way to my oral surgeon for my week #2 check up, i stopped at needlework unlimited. they had a charlottle pattern, and a gypsy pattern so i bought both! :) (i had a charlotte pattern in my hands MONTHS ago and didn't get it, haven't seen it since and i've regretted it since. i snatched this one up the second i saw it).

i also stopped at depth of field on my way home. talked to a nice woman working and she gave me the shawl pattern container thing. of course i found the pattern for the weeping willow shawl. we both think that if i'm open for whatever happens, that i can knit it out of koigu. so i bought it. i think this is the pattern that i will be using for my pile o 'gu!


snowballinhell said...

I found my way here from the Summer of Lace list.

I don't know if you've ever ordered anything from Blackberry Ridge or not, but their laceweight plied yarn is much closer to a fingering weight. Their laceweight singles are very fine. If the pattern you're looking at calls for their laceweight 2-ply, you'd probably be safe with your Koigu.

Anne said...

Hi - I saw your question in the summer of lace list - I am currently knitting the Gathering of Lace "Faux Russian Shawl" in Koigu kpppm. It is really lovely!!! Sorry no blog, but I'd be happy to send you a pic if you want. Also, my son had jaw surgery a few years ago! Hang in there!

Sandra may be knitting a ranchhouse said...

just read your comment on my blog. i'll definitely look into that sleeping mask you recommended. thanks!

You should check out the fall 2005 issue of vogue knitting. they have some real pretty shawl patterns in there. whenever you're in Barnes and Noble or something, take time to flip through it. I think it's worth a look.