Monday, August 08, 2005


so i took stock of my knitting and knitting accessories... you know, tried to find all my denise needles, figured out just how many WIPs i have, etc. and this is what happened...

cori's lace poncho - before
koigu lace poncho - before

my lace pattern

close up of the lace pattern
lace pattern

i looked around for the koigu for this poncho for well over a month and in two states! back in january and february :) of course now here in the twin cities there is gu galore. oh well. anyway, i thought it would look all pretty like a charlotte, however that was before i realized the charlotte secret... how you alternate color #1 with color #2 for so many rows before starting color #2, and then you do the same with the rest of the changes. this is how it has that gorgeous transition of colors that charlotte's do.

i didn't do that, as you can tell.

and as you can see, it's a little stripey. a little too stripey for me.

so now it looks like this!
lace poncho - after

i also ripped my OSW, i'm going to try to do it in a needle or two bigger trying to use up less yarn. i have a ball left of the yarn but i want to be able to return it, i don't want to use it. we'll see how it goes. but that one was ripped too!

i found ALL of my denise needles, finally. i had a cord section missing, as well as one size 7 needle, and one size 8 needle. huh? why did i do that? and where are they? i finally found them in the top shelf of my knitting containment system (seen here). this is where i keep all this but i usually keep my denise needles IN the case, not in the drawer... oh well.

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kate said...

i frickin LOVE the gu. and your shawl is gorge.