Thursday, August 11, 2005


so... it's been 3 weeks since my surgery. i'm feeling mostly good at this point, have been knitting again for two weeks and i think i might be ready to see if i'm up for a challenge. plus for the past few days my koigu has been trying to get my attention, and today it won.

i seem to be handling the lace well, no major issues yet even though this pattern actually requires thought! yea me!

see for yourself!

beginning of the weeping willow shawl
the start of the weeping willow shawl!

weeping willow detail
weeping willow shawl - detail


Liz said...

What lovely colors. Looks like the shawl is off to a great start.

cori said...

thanks! next time i'll take the picture on a surface that allows a little more of the pattern to show... that background color was a poor choice! :)