Tuesday, September 20, 2005

cori update

i've been stupid busy and haven't been able to post as much as i have wanted to, or at all! :) busy work week, busy weekend (taking wedding pics, my hubby and i took over 1300 pics!) and now i'm back at work and it's still crazy and i have a cold. yup, i'm sick. but not sick enough to stay at home (and believe me, i'm not one who is into making everyone at work sick, i will stay home if i'm good and sick). so here are a few updates.

-leaane’s socks have arrived!!!

leanne got her socks, yea! and unless she is just being nice, they fit! happy!


i'm totally going to go see the harlot in chicago! i'm so excited! my hubby can't come along, he has installs at work to do. so i've recruited my mom. yea! lucky for us we have relatives in the chicago area and will be able to stay with them so the trip will only cost gas and food (and, ahem... yarn, i'm sure). i can't wait, i finally get to meet the harlot!

-weeping willow not being ignored…

i did a few rows last night and the night before. i'm now done with the first part of the shawl, the diamond lace design, and am into the part that is the 'weeping willow' design. it's so pretty! i'm so excited to see how it looks finished! i'm a little nervous though, it has an knitted lace border and i have never done that before... it will be interesting! i wish this project was more portable though. i have my chart on a baking sheet with a ruler and magnets, definetly not a bus project. oh well.

-nothing to knit?

with my sockapaltwoza socks done and my knockoff shawl getting too big to bring along on the bus... i'm not sure what to start! my weeping willow isn't portable and my projects coming up aren't that portable either (once past the starting phase anyway).

-knockoff shawl 70% done!

i might be able to get this done tomorrow night! yea!

-birthday yarn money

my in-laws gave me some yarn money for my birthday and it's burning a hole in my pocket! i have yarn that is tempting me but i have so many projects to work on... what to do, what to do...


my husband has found more shawls for me to make. i'm now convinced that i NEED to make kiri. um... let's look at my list of shawls i have in my 'to knit, have yarn' list (not started unless mentioned).

trellis shawl for mom (in progress)
weeping willow shawl (in progress)
knockoff shawl (in progress)
perfect pie shawl in green koigu
shadow shawl in pink/purple 'gu and grey 4-ply rowan

now that is alot of shawls for a girl who doesn't even know if she will wear them all that often...

apparently somehow i told my husband of kiri and birch. and he looked into them. and e-mailed me color suggestions. and now, now i am obsessed. yup, mohair (even kid mohair) is itchy to me. yup, i may not even wear it. yup, i have a few other things on my list (that i had been obsessed with at some time)... birch doesn't do it for me, which is good because 299 stitches is alot! now kiri, i LOVE kiri. the pointy edge, just seems to finish it for me. i love it.

wonder how long i'll be in love with this one. :)

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Bethany said...

I've started the Kiri shawl and it's coming along just dandily. I tried the Birch and had to frog it about 4 times before I gave up. It think it's all those friggin' stitches at the beginning. You can't see where you go wrong until it's too late to really undo it. With Kiri you still have very few stitches on the needle while you're learning how the pattern works. I'm enjoying it very much.