Friday, September 23, 2005

why i knit

i started knitting seriously just over a year ago. you see, we lost my dad a year ago today. he had been suffering from severe depression for 3 years and we lost him to suicide. we are rebuilding our lives without him, but we still have a large hole in our family.

once everyone went back home and back to their 'normal' lives, i needed something to do at night after work. i couldn't watch tv and pay attention. i told my husband, "i need to knit." i haved no idea where this idea came from, i had knitted some in the past but i couldn't knit for shit. didn't matter, i got some needles and yarn a few days later and i haven't stopped since. somehow, i could knit perfectly (though i did twist my stitches for the first few months). it started out as my therapy, but now it is so much more. even though i cherish and value my newfound love of knitting, i would give it up in a second if i had never had to have something to fill my thoughts and we still had my dad around.

we miss you dad.

my dad and my sister a few christmases ago
my dad and my sister

mom, dad and joey (at joey's wedding march 04)
mom, dad and joey

mom and dad
mom adn dad

walking with my dad down the aisle for our wedding rehearsal
rehearsal walk

cori and dad

one of my favorite pics from my wedding - starting down the aisle
one of my favorite pics from our wedding - going down the aisle

another favorite pic. new hubby and dad.
ron and dad

wedding hugs
wedding hugs

one of my favorite pics of me and my daddy - halloween many years ago
funny thing is that my dad was anything other than bad to the bone as his t-shirt says. we had been on vacation in south dakota in august, which happened to be a week after the sturgis rally. my mom picked up the shirt there. for this picture we told him to 'look tough'. :)
princess me and biker dad

last pic of me and my dad - family friend wedding last june
cori and dad


renee said...

So sorry about your dad. Those are really special pictures, though. Thanks for sharing them, and your memories.

Anonymous said...

i like the pictures too. i would give anything to have him back too.
love your favorite seester :)

yamamama said...

I'm so sorry about your dad. Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your about your dad.. i hope you have made peace and i can see how much you love him.. lots and lots of hugs from a different Kori (aka Karola)
hugs again.. k