Thursday, September 29, 2005

lookie what i've done!

so... kiri update. turns out i'm retarded or something. not sure what happened but after i evaluated and counted and counted and counted STILL had the right amount of stitches but couldn't figure out what the issue was! so then i put in a few thousand stitch markers. marked my repeats and it worked out! what the hell?!? so i slowly knitted my pattern and it worked! FINALLY! what the hell? i still have no idea why it wasn't working but at this point i don't care. i'm 6 rows into the 3rd repeat and it's going well. okey dokey then...

and THIS is what i have done in the past few days/weeks, yes, i have FINISHED things!

first item finished (errr, ignoring the ends that need to be woven in... shh!) is my knockoff shawl!

knock off shawl finished!

wingspan shot

action shot

closeup of the pattern

the pattern is actually the celebrity look-alike shawl pattern at made of lana grossa riso yarn, it's 50% combed cotton and 50% microfiber. i did change the pattern by adding one more 'chunk' of crocheting to each petal than the pattern. i like this alot more than before, it's much thicker and i like the pattern much more than with two 'chunks'. it's soft and warm and i like it alot. i used just over 10 balls of yarn of the 13 i purchased. unfortunately i can't return my two unused balls because i bought the yarn on clearance, but i'm sure i'll find some use for it. :) i'm wondering if i should add more fringe... i certainly have enough yarn left over to do it easily...

this is my surprise FO!

crack silk haze scarf!

closeup of the kid silk haze

it's a spiral scarf of kid silk crack! i used one strand of kid silk night in starlight, and one strand of kid silk spray in regal. i have about... 90-100 yards of each left, what to do with it??? anyway, i LOVE kid silk crack. i can't handle wearing mohair or wool or any good stuff. yet i can wear this. i wore the store sample at my favorite LYS for a good 15 minutes, and had no issues. which is why i now have one! it was a fast little project.

i'm still working on my weeping willow shawl and my kiri, of course. tomorrow after work i'm off to chicago with my mom, to see the harlot! i'm bringing kiri of course, but i'm not sure what for the ride. (it will be mostly in the dark, not so kiri friendly). maybe i'll start my grandma's legwarmers. she has a form of blood cancer and is doing mostly well, but has a side effect of neuropathy from her drugs. that means that when the cold air hits her legs it drives her crazy. so legwarmers for grandma it is. once i start them it will be knit knit knit, just knitting in the round so maybe that would be a good car project... we're staying with relatives down there so our trip is costing gas and food only. well... and maybe some, ahem... yarn! :) see you when i get back!

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