Thursday, September 15, 2005

sockapaltwoza party!

My socks are done and on their way to my sockpal! Yea!

I wasn’t scared, I knew they would be done… ok ok, I was a little nervous over the weekend, my left hand and wrist were acting up, making me think I should work on something else for a while. That is hard to do when you have a deadline and you know your sockpal is waiting!

They were finished yesterday. I brought them along on my business trip (26 hour trip to North Carolina) and finished them Tuesday night in my hotel room. I did have to graft them when I got home, I didn’t bring any needles along with me. Thanks again to nona, grafting went wonderfully! Took a few pics of them this morning before work and then packed them up and mailed them off over lunch. Bye socks, enjoy your new home!

they are done!
sockapaltwoza socks - done!

hopefully they are the right length!
*hopefully* they fit, they are the right length!

here are some outside pics for better color!
sockpal toes!

sockpal legs!

done socks!

I also worked on my knockoff shawl while on my mini-trip (on a corporate jet no less, now THAT is the way to fly!). I’m almost done with row 4. This about 20% of the way done even though this shawl will have 28 rows, funny how that works when it’s knit/crocheted top down! Maybe with some quality time sitting in a car I will get even further!

So my hubby gave me my birthday presents early as we are leaving tomorrow for just south of madison WI. Plus he can't hold onto presents once he has them. :) So I was happily opening... My last present, MY sockapaltwoza socks are here! That booger, he put them in a gift bag.

Oh my gosh Jodee, they are GORGEOUS! For real! I love the retro rib pattern, I have wanted to make myself a pair of these since I saw the pattern, I just haven't done it yet. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love the colors and your card was hilarious! And what you wrote was just so nice, thank you so much!

PLUS! THEY FIT! I don't think they could fit any better! I am amazed, nothing ever fits my feet. THANK YOU!

my socks are here!!!
my socks are here!!!

check out this fit!!!
they are a perfect fit!

Retro Rib pattern - Tess's sock yarn

This was my first knitalong and my first exchange of any kind, I had a blast! I just hope that MY sockpal's socks fit her! We'll find out in a few days!

And lastly, my sister rocks! She is the bestest seester evah! (she helped me do this highlighting thing to my hair that would have been impossible alone). Kristi rocks, thanks kristidorken!


Jodee said...

Cori I am so glad that your socks fit and you like them! That's great that your hubby surprised you with them, thanks hubby!! I wanted you to get them before you went out of town then you said it was your birthday so I HAD to get them to you ASAP. I wish I could see the Harlot but have to attend a wedding that day :( I met her in Maryland and she's just like her blog and books!!Very funny. Happy birthday!

Leanne said...

Cori, my socks are wonderful and they fit perfactly. I am at this moment searching the house for the cable for my camera so I can show them off to the world. I love the adventures they had while you were knitting them for me. Thank you for a wonderful pair of socks and Happy Birthday!