Sunday, September 11, 2005

this and that...

so i'm chugging along on my sockapaltwoza socks. i'm on the home stretch which is good as they need to be shipping out soon. i'm not worried. i'm trying to figure out when to start the toes. the go with the flow sock pattern is so stretchy, i'm having a hard time figuring out how long to make them... plus, my sock pal has such small feet compared to my giant freaking feet (and once again, sorry to MY sockpal, my feet are huge!). they will be done on time, i just hope they fit!!!

i mentioned that i had a small issue with my knockoff shawl. see here, it looks nice, right? (i have just one chunk of fringe on the very bottom).

knockoff shawl - looks nice, right?

here is it on me... what you can't see is that it's barely an inch or two from the floor. and that's without the fringe AND when i am standing up straight. yeah, this thing is WAY WAY TOO FREAKING big. ugh...

holy hannah, this thing is freaking HUGE!

so i played around with it. it's crocheted from the top down, so i tried to see if i could rip it out on the top and improvise a top row for it once it was small enough. i sized it out and figured out that i would be ripping out NINE rows. (how was i NINE rows off???) my ripping worked, mostly. but then i got the bug and said "eh, screw it." and i was left with this.

knockoff shawl - after

i'll be starting over very soon, however i have TONS of yarn. i had almost 3 balls left over after this gigantic thing was done, and i'll have even more left over once i make it smaller. i was at ann taylor today with my hubby and saw this crocheted shawl. we saw it a few weeks ago and we were commenting on how much it looked like the knockoff shawl i was making. it's made of angora and other things that are not cori-friendly, but it's soft and plush (i made the mistake of putting it on and it made my black shirt white with all the shedding!). well today i looked a little more closely at it. i realized that it was pretty much the same pattern as my knockoff shawl, but had 3 chunks of crocheting for each 'petal'.

see the 2 chunks of crocheting for each petal?

stitch pattern

i think i just figured up how to use some more yarn...

this coming week is going to be crazy. things at work are SUPER crazy, we have tons of time sensitive stuff to get done. oh, and i'm in mandatory training tomorrow and tuesday for a computer program that we use all the time. not only that, but i'm leaving tuesday afternoon for north carolina (stay away ophelia!) to visit a factory for work. fun! it's a short trip and we are back wednesday afternoon, it's seriously just over 24 hours long. work work work on thursday and friday. oh, but friday is a half day for me as ron's aunt is getting married in WI. we're leaving in the afternoon to get down there friday night. oh, and i'm the wedding photographer and my assitant (ron) is apparently the usher... so much for having an assistant. yeah, he can help before and after the wedding, but during the wedding is when i would like the most help! gah! should be an interesting week.

AND... friday is my birthday!!! fun birthday eh? will probably be at work early and then we're spending the afternoon and early evening driving to southern WI. whoohoo! do we know how to have fun birthdays around here or what?

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Painted Unicorn said...

Meh, I wish I could knit, you're lucky you can actually do that kind of cool stuff.