Wednesday, September 07, 2005



so here is my review of knitty, typing as i look at it. (i've always wanted to review knitty or magazines but haven't. lucky you!).

here goes, as i see it. no fake reactions here, this is me and my honest opinion, ready go!

arisaig - hmm... i can't pronounce this one, but it is pretty! i love it and it's gorgeous! but wrap shirts/sweaters have never worked on me... bummer.

samus - i LOVE metroid! the sweater... i'm not an orange girl and i'm having a hard time getting over the color. trying harder. kay, nice basic shape = good, pretty cable, not too shabby. i don't think i'll put it on my to make list, but it's nice.

cinxia- geez, i can't pronounce any of these... the textured stitch is nice, i like it. this sweater is not for me. bummer. knitting in the round rocks though.

josephine - oh... my... gosh... i am in love with this sweater. IN LOVE. this is the type of stuff that i have always wanted to knit. everything else in this knitty can suck and i will still adore this issue because i love this pattern. so pretty! bummer that melissa doesn't have a blog.

blackberry - yea! jennifer is in knitty! (i know she has had patterns turned down in the past, and i LOVED those damn dinosaurs!). pattern is nice, it's intriguing me... hmm...

revolution - i like the stitch pattern, it's different and nice. love the sleeves! would probably not make it... but it's cool.

lacey - hmm... i'm not that into this one. it's pretty, but not for me.

leaves in relief - it's pretty, it's different. hmm...

bloom - oh, love this. and i love these colors. very pretty. it's a shawl but it's a cape! i LOVE capes! this one is getting stored in the back of my head for later.

ella - interesting, it's very pretty, however I am not a fan.

flora - i like this one. great idea for fall, a mini-scarf. this is very nice.

hipster - um... it's a knitted fanny pack. i don't think so.

falling leaves - SOCKS! i love socks. i love lace. i love koigu. i hate socks with super long legs. these are socks, lace, short legs and made of 'gu. oh, and the instructions are for the magic loop method. are you kidding me? i think jessica designed this pattern for me! DONE!

bubby - adorable! not into making knitted stuffed animals yet but cute pattern! i'm sure i will make it one day as everyone around me is having babies...

edgar - hmm... scarf. meh.

astrodome - bummer on the name, before i clicked the link i thought, something for the poor displaced peeps from louisiana? some sort of charity knitting? how did knitty get this in so fast, great job! nope. cute pattern though. i'm not a hat person.

so, that's the new knitty with my comments.

cori's fall knitty recap - LOVE JOSEPHINE! love bloom. and falling leaves will probably be the next pair of socks i make!

EDITED 10 minutes later - looked for the josephine yarn on-line. #1 - hard to find. #2 - $6.95 a ball = around $200 for this sweater. there are 16 balls on ebay, but 16 is less than what the pattern needs, by ALOT. hmm...

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