Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sock adventures

Busy busy weekend for us! I know I haven’t been posting very often lately, I’m sorry! Things are crazy at work and taking up a lot of my time and thoughts and then we had the state fair on Friday and a weekend trip up north. PLUS, as of last Tuesday, I CAN CHEW AGAIN! WHOOHOO! Chewing is amazing, and things seem to be going well so far. Blogging wise, I plan to be better going forth and keeping everyone updated!

I haven’t said anything about hurricane katrtina yet, but what is left to say? So many others have vocalized how I feel better than I can. It’s a terrible tragedy and every time I’m online I’m surfing for new news or looking through pictures at flickr. I’m pissed at how our government have taken care of our neighbors to the south but I’m happy that things seem to be happening and that people are slowly starting to be taken care of. Of course, donate what you can to the charity of your choice, this is going to be a huge ongoing relief effort for a very long time to come. Many of my thoughts and prayers have been focused at our southern states.

That said, on to the knitting content.

Well… the smart ass commenter (my husband!) was right… I didn’t finish my shawl in time. I did finish it on the way home though! And… it’s freaking HUGE! Seriously, it drags on the floor and I haven’t even added the fringe yet. ugh… so this one is now hanging out in my what the hell am I going to do/how am I going to fix this one pile. (currently keeping company with my chickami who spent the past 2 ½ months with only half a strap keeping it from being finished, damn i-cord!). it is pretty though and I love it… it is so big that my hubby folded it in half and put it on me. it’s slightly smaller than I would like it, and that’s folded in HALF! Yes, it is that big. Pics soon to come.

My sockapaltwoza socks have been getting a lot of attention lately too (which is good because they should be done next week!!!). they had quite a fun weekend up on the north shore of MN, see! (none of these were posed, there was actual knitting happening here!)

knitting my sockapaltwoza socks at gooseberry falls

knitting at gooseberry falls!

knitting at gooseberry

knitting my sockapaltwoza socks at split rock lighthouse

look at my socks!  i am working on them!

knitting at split rock

knitting my sockapaltwoza socks at the end of the breakwater in two harbors, mn (it was windy out there!)

it was windy out there!

knitting my sockapaltwoza socks at the end of the breakwater

and doing a little crocheting on my FREAKING GIGANTIC SHAWL (though I didn't know it at the time) outside a quilt shop while ron's mom looked through fabric (dude, I hate fabric shops. I can't believe I majored in apparel design and I hate fabric shops. I go in, get what I need and get out. And quilting, it's gorgeous. Ron's mom made ME a quilt as a wedding gift and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, LOVE it. It's been two years and I STILL thank her for it. But ME, quilting? and a QUILT store? no thanks. plus there is the issue of what happened last year when I DID go in with her... but that's another story). Plus, I have waited all summer to sit outside and knit/crochet. I wanted to the whole 4 weeks I was at home recovering from my surgery, but it was SO FREAKING HOT that I couldn't even go outside. So this is me. in my happy place.

trying to finish my crocheted shawl

and do you see my face and teeth? no splint and my swelling is going down every day. YEA!!!

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eyeleen said...

great picure of you and your knitting. its good to her that you are feeling beter.