Monday, August 29, 2005

hi sockpal!!!

hi sockpal! see! I haven't forgotten about you! I was merely waiting until I was back into the swing of things after my jaw surgery. I'm mostly better now and have been working on your socks!

here they are!
sockapaltwoza socks!

look, heels!!! whoohoo!
sockapaltwoza socks - look, they have heels!!!

see, they will be done by shipping time! now i just hope they fit... your feet are a wee bit smaller than mine (ok, your two feet equal maybe one of my feet!). i'm not used to knitting for small feet, all of my socks have been for big feet, so i hope it all works out. it definetely won't be from lack of trying!

(oh, and to answer your question before all go e-mailing me, go with the flow socks pattern from interweave knits summer 2005)


alison said...


Anonymous said...

Those are sooooo pretty!

-Sarah G.

Linz said...

Oh, they're lovely!

eyeleen said...

lovely socks!

Lou said...

Your sock pal socks are really, really lovely! How do you work two socks with the magic loop? More specifically, how do you get started on two socks with the magic loop? I tried to knit two socks at once with two circs on my sock pal socks and had to give up. I was able to cast on but then couldn't get the first row (the joining row) figured out. Very frustrating!