Sunday, August 28, 2005


my hubby and i are going on vacation! well, a mini-break anyway. ron's parents are going up to the north shore over labor day weekend and we managed to find a hotel up there who not only had open rooms, but would let us book only one night (most had a 2 or 3 night stay minimum). yea! i'm so excited! i get my splint out on tuesday (2 more sleeps!) so i'll be able to eat while up there, chewing and all! i can't wait! i love the north shore and two harbors. i think i love it because i went up there when i was younger with my family, and now we have been going up with ron's family. i have many happy memories up there.

so i was thinking that it would be so awesome to have a FO that we could photograph up there. either at the split rock lighthouse or at gooseberry falls or wherever. i had a plan on how i would finish my weeping willow in time and it would be great. just 10 rows a night, easy. too bad that it is getting bigger and bigger and the last rows are a good 360+ stitches each. so... i realized that it's not looking like it is going to happen. i think to myself, hmm... i really want a FO to photograph up there!

and that is why i am working on my knockoff shawl that i started back before surgery. remember it?
from this blog entry?
pattern from stitchdiva

it's crocheted and it goes fast. at least it would if i could get past the first two rows. i have restarted this shawl now, i have no idea how many times. finally got the base row and next row to work the way it was supposed to and then i started row 3 and then i 'tried it on'. it was... big enough to fit my queen size bed. so i ripped again, took out a bunch of the base row and started again. i think it's finally the correct size and hopefully now i can get some rows behind me. i have just a few more days to finsh this, we leave saturday morning to go up north... can she do it? :) guess we'll see.

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Anonymous said...

If anything, you may have some pics at Gooseberry of you WORKING on the shawl. But to finish you'd have to stop frogging it every day or two and starting over. Just kidding! -R