Wednesday, August 24, 2005


through my new flickr group (crazy for knitting), i found a few new (and old that i've forgotten about...) free knitting patterns/sites.

i am in LOVE with THESE!

and 175 yards of 'gu? um... that's something i certainly have!

hmmm... which one to choose, which one to choose...

the blocking picture makes me laugh my ass off. it's pretty much what changed me from, 'hmmm... are these too funky/weird??? i do hate when the cold air goes up my coat sleeves when i'm wearing 3/4 sleeves in the fall/winter..." to "oh hell yeah i am making these! they are awesome!"

oh, and i have been knitting!

here is my weeping willow shawl so far.

my weeping willow is growing!

a good detailed shot

more weeping willow details

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