Wednesday, August 17, 2005

hello shadow!

so... went to needlework unlimited yesterday on my way home from my week 4 check up with my oral surgeon (everything looks great and my splint comes out in 2 weeks, whoohoo! that means FOOD and CHEWING! i can't wait!).

anyway, i kinda had a full bonus card, and i NEEDED to pick up the shadow shawl pattern before they are all sucked up and i'm stuck paying shipping to get it from some peeps on the internet.

and i left with the pattern, and this.

shadow shawl?

potential yarn for my shadow shawl!

two more hanks of that gorgeous pink/purple 'gu (it's kinda washed out in this light, this is the same colorway of 'gu from my last post) and 3 balls of soft warm cozy grey rowan 4-ply soft.

i can't wait to make this shawl!

oh, and all that felting talk from before. i do have something to show off. :) (i will have more soon!)

this is my uptown tote. before and after felting. :)

before felting!

uptown tote - pre-felting uptown tote - pre-felting uptown tote - a little big!

after felting!

uptown tote - finished! uptown tote - felted! much better after felting!

i love it!

i thought and thought and thought about what i wanted to do for stripes for days, finally i just banged out that stripe pattern in excel in about 37 seconds.


kriskristi said...

hehe, the pictures from before felting look so funny. like a little kid playing with grown up stuff.

Carrie said...

I love it. Great job on the stripes!

erica said...

I love your bag. Makes me want to get out some of the Brown Sheep I've been storing for felted bags. :)

cori said...


yes, the first picture is mini-cori! :)

noricum said...

Great bag! I used a similar stripe pattern on my laptop sleeve. :)

nona said...

Your tote turned out perfectly! I love the stripes and the colors. What fun.