Wednesday, October 12, 2005

rave review!

kiri shawl pattern + kid silk haze/spray = gorgeous amazing shawl

kiri shawl pattern + kid silk haze/spray + bryspun needles = PHENOMENAL

I'm a convert. While I'm not crazy about the clunky join on the bryspuns, the tips just float right into the right places. My K2TOGs are not an issue anymore, in fact none of the stitches are an issue at all! WHOOHOO! Highly recommended in this application!

Oh, if you can't tell, kiri is getting some attention tonight. :) 4th repeat done, 5th might be started on the bus tomorrow...

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Tammie said...

Hi! I am new to the MN knitter's ring. Where are you from?

Aren't Bryspuns the best?! I have Addi's in just about every length and size and they are nice, but I am starting to collect up on the Bryspuns now, I love them! For lacework they are the best.