Wednesday, October 12, 2005

must have shawl yarn!

I had an orthodontist appointment this morning. It’s officially 12 weeks since my jaw surgery. YEA! AND, my ortho said that my teeth/bite look great and he couldn’t be happier. Another YEA! I now have TWO sets of rubber bands in my mouth, whoohoo. Don’t they look fun?


rahr!  some more...

They actually aren’t that bad. At this point it’s amazing what I would do/put up with if it makes my braces come off sooner. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really care anymore. If they are on for 2 more months or 6 more months, whatever. I just want my teeth to fit together well and have my bite be as functionally perfect as it can be. That said, the day I finally DO get my braces off will be a huge freaking party day and I will be damn happy to have all this behind me. :) (tentative plan is just a few more months, maybe before the end of the year or just after the beginning of next year)

Anyway, this is a knitting blog, right? Well, my ortho’s office is WAY TOO CLOSE to the yarn café. And silly me, I thought I would just pop in quick… I fell in love, LOVE with this gorgeous shawl they have displayed right as you come in the door (um yup, another shawl). It’s just a garter stitch shawl, start with 3 stitches, increase on both ends each row. It was done in this amazing cherry tree hill yarn, merino with just a little wool (found it on their site, looks like it’s the froth yarn. Then again it might be the baby loop or the jumbo loop. It’s all loopy and it’s just a gorgeous yarn, and the colorways… they are just amazing, I couldn’t choose which one I liked the best! $36/hank, one per shawl so not too terrible. I managed to tear myself away after I rationalized to myself (and the woman working in the store) that I have TWO shawls on the needles and TWO more ready to go! I definitely have more than enough knitting to do. AND I DON’T KNOW IF I EVEN LIKE SHAWLS! Ok, ok… I did however break down and get another denise 40” cord. I love the one I have, a little too much. I’m using it to make my grandma’s legwarmers (two at the same time, magic loop method) and I keep canaballizing it and putting it on little cords when I want to take pictures of my weeping willow shawl. Plus my WW shawl is getting too big for my current (and largerst) cord and I think that I need to go up to a longer cord anyway. So that’s not a bad purchase. My other purchase was a pair of bryspun needles for my kiri shawl. I love my denises, but I keep having issues with my K2TOGs. I can’t quite get my needle in and I have to finagle it around before I can coax my needle through both stitches and it’s getting very frustrating and is starting to take ALOT of time and patience as my rows are increasing... I have heard that bryspuns are easier with lace so I thought I would give them a try in kiri. I could only find one in a 7, which I was pretty sure was the right size but I wasn’t positive and I didn’t want to spend $8 on a pair of needles if they were possibly the wrong size. Asked about the return policy and saw on the sign that essentially only yarn is returnable, bummer. Luckily the yarn café has free internet, so I popped on and checked out the kiri pattern. Yup, I was right, size 7 needles. It’s a 29 inch, the only size 7 bryspuns they had. Hope this is long enough! That kid silk haze/spray is thin, I think it should be ok.

Grandma update - Grandma is well, out of the ICU and potentially on her way to a nursing home for a few weeks for more OT and PT before being released. YEA!

WIP update - My weeping willow shawl is really starting to look amazing, I love it! I’m beginning to dread this knitted on edge coming up once the body is done. Any advise?

Kiri has been waiting patiently on the side in the meantime. Still in the 4th repeat, however I’m DYING to try out my new needles so maybe that will change soon!

Grandma’s legwarmers are about half done.

And my mom’s crocheted shawl is finished! FO report to come.


Jessica said...

Hi Cori - thanks for visiting my blog! I love, love knitting, too. (But I'm not nearly as prolific as you appear to be). I just finished a baby blanket for friends whose baby was born in June - I haven't mailed it yet because I want to take a picture and post it. If I don't get moving the kid will be in college before she gets it!

Penny said...

I know what you mean about shawls. I started Kiri this summer, and before I was finished, I had already bought enough yarn for 4 more...okay, 6 more...shawls. I am so hooked.
Love your site, and I'm so jealous you met the Harlot!