Wednesday, October 05, 2005

shawl season

i sure hope it's shawl season soon as it seems to be all that i'm knitting and all that is on my to do list as well!

working on
-weeping willow shawl in koigu
-kiri shawl in kid silk spray

to do
-perfect pie shawl in gorgeous green koigu
-shadow shawl in koigu and rowan 4-ply

wanna see some progress pics? i know you do!

weeping willow is getting bigger, i'm starting the next section of the shawl. it's the one that looks like weeping willow leaves.

weeping willow progress

weeping willow closeup - starting the next section!

kiri progress, just starting the 4th repeat.

kiri progress

kiri closeup!

the trees around here are starting to turn, it's fall! on our drive up from chicago we hit many stretches of 94 that were just gorgeous. it seems that the trees started yesterday while i was at work. so far it's just alot of yellow, not much reds and oranges yet. here's a look down my street.

trees are starting to change colors!

grandma is doing ok. still in the ICU, but she's now down in minneapolis at the university hospital. she gets better and then something else happens. it's very hard on all of us. tonight is my first night not at the hospital. i'm having dinner with my boy and then we're going to watch lost and i'm going to work on my weeping willow shawl. have a good night!

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traveling knitter said...

I am considering making a you have any suggestions for and easy starter lace shawl that doesn't look old fashioned?